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A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. – Chinese Proverb

Oh, Holiday…Spooky Holiday… November 1, 2011

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How do we connect with the dead?  How do we actually find a line of communication with them?  Do you believe in the supernatural?  All good questions in my book.  Let us not stop there: Should we even bother?  How “real” is the possibility of them being a part of our everyday lives?

Like it or not, we are obsessed.  As a society, we flirt constantly with the unknown and unseen, while quickly skirting away when things get a little too uncomfortable.  Personally, I have found that my ability to strip away the context and story surrounding the death gives me some space.  The less I try to “understand” the situation and instead seek an “understanding” of the nature of death, I seem to find peace in loss.

No matter how traumatic the loss of life affects us, we truly can decide to embrace and love our lost ones in our own special ways.  Tonight, I honor my mother.  I seek to love my mother, who I lost so long ago.  I choose to parade with my children and celebrate life on this holiday but I am opening myself more than ever to the loving space that I trust my mother has in my heart.  As I draw the blinds on a spooky Halloween night, my spirit is drawn to my mother.  May she and I both rest in peace.


What a shame…. February 10, 2010

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I have been absent for awhile, just living and riding the wave of life.  I have so much to write about and much of it is lovely.  BUT!  Tonight, I am writing about something that just makes me sick.  Sick and sad.

What kind of reality do we live in when we are demanding organic, non GMO and so called sustainable food from our grocery stores?  It is a paradox!  Yes, it is good to let them know that we want something different but can we achieve that by requesting responsible products or is there a better way?  YES!!!!

There is a better way. I am going to be very simple about this because I respect your time and really am just so fed up that I am not interested in my writing skills right now.

#1.  Participate in your local Co-op if you have one.  If you can google, you can find it.  Become a member and shop there for your food.

#2.  Your local Co-op will have labels on their produce and you can look up the name and get to know the farmers.  It is a RELATIONSHIP.

#3.  If this is not an option for you, find your closest organic farm, again through google, and find out if they have a CSA.  Don’t worry about what that is right now.  Just know that it is JUST LIKE the old fashioned market. Google CSA and your town and you will find something if it is available.  If you have organic farms that do not offer CSA and you are a trooper….contact them and ask them to start.

I want to share a recent email from my CSA that broke my heart……BUT spurs me to express what is going on!

Here it is:

This Week’s Delivery CSA items for week of  February 8, 2010:   Avocado, Navel oranges, Pink Lay apples, Kent Mangos, Asian pears, broccoli, carrots of baby leeks, red mustard or kale, alfalfa sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce, salad with edible flowers, lemon, heirloom tomato and bouquet of flowers.

Dear Shareholders,

A word of caution.  This weeks message won’t be of the ‘fluff and fold’ type that I usually like to give.  There are so many incredible beautiful and uplifting events that happen every week that sustains us, I like to share them.  However with regret and gratitude to those that did support us, we are not going to be offering the farm stand after this Saturday, Feb. 13.  It truly became The Last Stand.  We were able to let many people (many with children) visit and tour so at least they know we are here and the dream lives.  It was a matter of economics and in these times, we just couldn’t afford to supplement it. Shareholders may visit any time they’d like by letting us know when and we welcome you.

I’ll give you a simple recipe for your red mustard (can be sharp/hot when raw) or kale in a minute.  Here’s some Ag news.

We receive a newsletter from the Farm Service Agency from the USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture).  The January issue had a title that caught my eye -Help Available to Stressed Farmers.  It read, “In the past year, the economy, inclement weather, drought and other factors have hurt many farming operations around the country.  These events pushed some farmers to the emotional breaking point.  Watching their livelihood being threatened is difficult for farmers and ranchers and especially for those who care about them.  The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is available to help.  If you know a farmer or rancher who is under stress (??) and is reluctant to ask for help… call 1-800-272-TALK.  ”  The last sentence reads “This service is not affiliated with the US Department of Agriculture.”  Another tidbit of information is that the zip code that receives the most federal agriculture subsidy monies is 92037, La Jolla, California!  Know of any food producing farms there?  The things that amuse me….

Greens and Pasta

This is a classic for any type of cooking green.  Wash and chop 1 bunch cooking greens (mustard,Swiss chard, kale, rapini, etc).  Saute a couple of garlic cloves (or our dried garlic) in olive oil with a pinch of dried red pepper flakes if you like.  Add greens and cook to the consistancy you lprefer.  Add to cooked pasta and toss with good shredded Parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts.  Serve as a side dish or main with salad and crusty bread.  Even children will eat their greens!


I am not yelling, just making a strong statement.

If this is the type of interaction you would like to have with your food provider, then follow the simple steps to get started.  If it does not seem simple and you do not know where to start….PLEASE CONTACT ME FROM THE ABOUT LINK AT TOP OF PAGE.  I will help you!  I know how overwhelming it can feel and how intimidating the initial scare of the cost can be….but be assured.  Once you start, the cost pays for itself and you begin to see how you either pay now or you pay later….or our kids pay later…..

Love and light,