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Food Matters April 21, 2010

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Charlotte Gerson is at it again!  My mentor and dream grandma figure lends her infinite wisdom to yet another attempt to inform Americans in the ongoing battle for health in this nation, the documentary Food Matters.  We should all take the time to brush up on the frightening but inspirational information gleaned from her lifelong crusade.  She has been plugging away for decades and now faces an ever more challenging problem with the addition of Franken Foods to the increasing veil of untruths we have to face when making food decisions in our lives,!  Agricultural corporations will continue to fight to the grave but fortunately for us, so will she.  And she is alive and kicking due to the Gerson Diet and Lifestyle so she will be fighting for us for many years to come I am sure.  She and the other very worthy warriors out there should not be so alone in this fight.  We, as citizens, owe it to ourselves to join the fight.  We are worth it.  Our children and grandchildren are worth it.  Check it out!

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Recipe for Eggs September 2, 2009

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Let this article be your guide when a recipe calls for eggs.

I have infinite respect for my readers and never want to write something offensive to anyone.  It is a fine line I walk as a strict vegetarian, vegan if you will.  I do not mean to push my own views on others.  I do, however, feel that it is my responsibility since I have been enlightened in regards to the very sad and major secret our corporate nation keeps from us.  We are promoting animal torture when we consume animal products.

I realize how radical this sounds because it is radical.  It is revolutionary.  Just like the family that suffers because of the secrets it keeps, our embrace of an industry, animal production, that systematically tortures living creatures for monetary interest is a shameful secret that most of us would like to turn away from.  Many of us do.  Even though we see the horror we push it aside and stuff it away like a family secret.

You have the right and free will to do whatever you want.  I suggest that you open your eyes to the atrocities of animal production and consider giving up the consumption of its “products.”  I am providing a video here that is almost impossible to watch but please consider watching.  It might make you cry.  It might make you sick to your stomach with shame.  It might change the way you think about the face on your plate.  That is why you do not want to watch it, right?  Why the blind eye?  Think about it.

Here is the video: think of this when a recipe calls for eggs.

If you really refuse to watch the video at least read this article:

I would also like to suggest a book that is profound and beautifully outlines an empowering understanding of our world.  It is written by Will Tuttle who has a master’s degree in humanties from San Francisco State University and a Ph.D in the philosophy of eductation from the University of California, Berkley.  A professional pianist, composer, and teacher, he has for the last fifteen years presented at progressive churches, vegetarian and human potential conferences, and intentional communities throughout the country.  He trained in Korea as a Zen Buddhist monk and has worked extensively in Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, intuition development, and spiritual healing.

The book is called The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony.  If I could recommend just one book, this would be it.  It intelligently speaks to the heart of the issue and will without a doubt expand your personal growth.

As with any radical change or transformation of any kind, it begins with small changes that are born of a desire to make a difference in something.  I know that not everyone is capable of changing overnight to a vegan diet and in many cases it is not healthy if one is so entrenched in an unhealthy lifestyle.  I recommend that you begin by eating a couple of meals a week that are vegan. Have fun with the meals and experiment. Sometimes you will hit and sometimes you will miss but the important thing to remember is that you are making an effort. You will soon find yourself craving these meals and expand into 3 meals a week. You might eat like that for a year or so. When your body and spirit are ready, you will find one day that are either ready to move into 4 or 5 days a week, maybe even ready to go the distance comfortably and omit animal products completely! You have to follow your intuition. Believe me, it is there. It speaks to you. That is why we choose not to watch the videos or listen to the choir of people calling for change: we are ignoring our intuition.

Support can be difficult to find but I can assure you that it is out there you just have to find it. Luckily, the internet makes that pretty easy. There are so many support groups out there it can make your head spin! And of course, I am here always. Any questions or help you need are just an email away. Do not ever hesitate to contact me with anything, it is my pleasure to serve.

I have a great recommendation for a cook book that offers all vegan recipes. The difference is that it was written by a non vegan food editor. She wrote it for aspiring and devoted vegans out of a concern for the health of our world. It is a nice introduction to the food and I have to say they are simply delicious meals. She does not use a lot of franken-foods, like fake cheeses and meat, she just prepares really great dishes that allow you to accommodate your taste buds with the abundance of flavors in fruits, veggies and grains. It is a great re-introduction to the sustainable nature and beauty of our nature’s bounty! It is called Fresh and Fast Vegan Pleasures by Amanda Grant.