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Nature’s Provisions September 10, 2009

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Everything We Need Nature Provides: This information was provided by

I only provided my own imagery, not theirs:) Here it goes:

It’s been said that God first separated the salt water from the fresh, made dry land, planted a garden, made animals and fish… All before making a human. He made and provided what we’d need before we were born. These are best & more powerful when eaten raw.

God left us a great clue as to what foods help what part of our body! God’s Pharmacy! Amazing!

A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye… And YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes.

A Tomato has four chambers and is red. The heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopine and are indeed pure heart
and blood food. niente0_100_4259_1_

Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food.


A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. We now know walnuts help develop more than three (3) dozen neuron-transmitters for brain function.


Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys.
kidney beans

Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and many more look just like bones. These foods specifically target bone strength. Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium. If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. These foods replenish the skeletal needs of the body.
rubharb and greens

Avocadoes, Eggplant and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female – they look just like these organs. Today’s research shows that when a woman eats one avocado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and prevents cervical cancers. And how profound is this? It takes exactly nine (9) months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of these foods (modern science has only studied and named about 141 of them).

Figs are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increase the numbers of sperm as well to overcome male sterility. figs Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics.sweet potatoes isolated

Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries.

Oranges, Grapefruits, and other Citrus fruits look just like the mammary glands of the female and actually assist the health of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out of the breasts.

Onions look like the body’s cells. Today’s research shows onions help clear waste materials from all of the body cells. They even produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes. A working companion, Garlic, also helps eliminate waste materials and dangerous free radicals from the body.

In my own words, I can only say “Wow!” I am constantly learning about the benefits and healing properties of vegetable and fruits alone that it truly blows my mind to think we have been so mislead. It will not do anyone a bit of good to go strict fruit and veg at this point because our bodies are toxic and need a bit of the poison “animal foods, processed foods and grains” to keep us alive. It is just like heroin or any other toxic drug, we need to be weened off of it!

Once you realize the truth and know that you need to make changes it is utmost important that you understand PROGRESS TRUMPS PERFECTION. Progress obviously trumps lack of interest, those people are slowly poisoning themselves into an early grave…since we do not understand in the mainstream way of thinking that we can live much longer. But even those who get it and understand but are stricken with the panic and make drastic changes suffer as well. This is not something to strive for perfection with immediately. It takes truly educating yourself and making it a lifetime’s work…healing yourself and the planet, and beyond if you so desire to go there. The turtle won race, remember?

Hold your halos high and strive not for perfection but for progress and the constant illumination of your spirit.

Love and light,


Recipe for Eggs September 2, 2009

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Let this article be your guide when a recipe calls for eggs.

I have infinite respect for my readers and never want to write something offensive to anyone.  It is a fine line I walk as a strict vegetarian, vegan if you will.  I do not mean to push my own views on others.  I do, however, feel that it is my responsibility since I have been enlightened in regards to the very sad and major secret our corporate nation keeps from us.  We are promoting animal torture when we consume animal products.

I realize how radical this sounds because it is radical.  It is revolutionary.  Just like the family that suffers because of the secrets it keeps, our embrace of an industry, animal production, that systematically tortures living creatures for monetary interest is a shameful secret that most of us would like to turn away from.  Many of us do.  Even though we see the horror we push it aside and stuff it away like a family secret.

You have the right and free will to do whatever you want.  I suggest that you open your eyes to the atrocities of animal production and consider giving up the consumption of its “products.”  I am providing a video here that is almost impossible to watch but please consider watching.  It might make you cry.  It might make you sick to your stomach with shame.  It might change the way you think about the face on your plate.  That is why you do not want to watch it, right?  Why the blind eye?  Think about it.

Here is the video: think of this when a recipe calls for eggs.

If you really refuse to watch the video at least read this article:

I would also like to suggest a book that is profound and beautifully outlines an empowering understanding of our world.  It is written by Will Tuttle who has a master’s degree in humanties from San Francisco State University and a Ph.D in the philosophy of eductation from the University of California, Berkley.  A professional pianist, composer, and teacher, he has for the last fifteen years presented at progressive churches, vegetarian and human potential conferences, and intentional communities throughout the country.  He trained in Korea as a Zen Buddhist monk and has worked extensively in Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, intuition development, and spiritual healing.

The book is called The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony.  If I could recommend just one book, this would be it.  It intelligently speaks to the heart of the issue and will without a doubt expand your personal growth.

As with any radical change or transformation of any kind, it begins with small changes that are born of a desire to make a difference in something.  I know that not everyone is capable of changing overnight to a vegan diet and in many cases it is not healthy if one is so entrenched in an unhealthy lifestyle.  I recommend that you begin by eating a couple of meals a week that are vegan. Have fun with the meals and experiment. Sometimes you will hit and sometimes you will miss but the important thing to remember is that you are making an effort. You will soon find yourself craving these meals and expand into 3 meals a week. You might eat like that for a year or so. When your body and spirit are ready, you will find one day that are either ready to move into 4 or 5 days a week, maybe even ready to go the distance comfortably and omit animal products completely! You have to follow your intuition. Believe me, it is there. It speaks to you. That is why we choose not to watch the videos or listen to the choir of people calling for change: we are ignoring our intuition.

Support can be difficult to find but I can assure you that it is out there you just have to find it. Luckily, the internet makes that pretty easy. There are so many support groups out there it can make your head spin! And of course, I am here always. Any questions or help you need are just an email away. Do not ever hesitate to contact me with anything, it is my pleasure to serve.

I have a great recommendation for a cook book that offers all vegan recipes. The difference is that it was written by a non vegan food editor. She wrote it for aspiring and devoted vegans out of a concern for the health of our world. It is a nice introduction to the food and I have to say they are simply delicious meals. She does not use a lot of franken-foods, like fake cheeses and meat, she just prepares really great dishes that allow you to accommodate your taste buds with the abundance of flavors in fruits, veggies and grains. It is a great re-introduction to the sustainable nature and beauty of our nature’s bounty! It is called Fresh and Fast Vegan Pleasures by Amanda Grant.


Twisted Industries. August 24, 2009

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I am sure we are not far behind in similar quests as the Russians and their project to genetically modify goats into producing human milk.  WHAT?  Here is the link:

Read it for yourself.  All of the genetic altering of things is really screwed up.  Of course, animals always end up being the sacrifice we make to “advance” in scientific studies.  I would bet that if Harvard conducted a study, which only occurs via computer now because they are so much more accurate at simulation then animal testing, it would show that this venture is futile.  It just makes me mad that animals have to be the butt of this horrible tendency people have of exploiting them.  It is humiliating and I am often embarrassed of my own species and its folly.  I can only hope to be a voice in a sea of harm and to encourage others in joining me in the healing.

In regards to what is going on in our own nation, we can make a difference by making educated purchases.  Look for labels that certify your products non GMO and donate some money to assist the watchdog organizations that are trying to protect us.  One such company is Non GMO Project.  Click their name to find out more!

Keeping it natural with love and light,



Natural Children August 11, 2009

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It is a constant mission of mine to improve environment around my children in the best way I know how.  As mothers, most of us do that.  There are so many creative ways to add spunk and originality to our days with our kids.  It can be incredibly difficult, though, when we are dealing with all of the complexities of life.  If we get too caught up in frivolous mind stuff and societal pressures we can easily find ourselves disconnected from our kids and frustrated.

Today, I would like to share a few creative ideas I came up with to enjoy life naturally with my children.

1.  Anyone who has had a baby knows the challenge of diapering them when they get past the goo goo ga ga stage.  Many mothers I know, including myself, keep little toys handy to distract their little fingers from reaching down into the goo in their pants!  Not to mention the twisting and turning…ughhh.  I liken it to wrestling with big fish or octopus in your hands while trying not to contaminate anything.  So my new spin on this not so angelic side of mothering I came up with this:

Keep handy seashells, rocks (outside of the choking diameter,) starfish, fresh flowers (preferably the edible kind,) anything natural that you deem to be safe for them to fondle.  Then while you are diapering them offer one up and talk to them about the object.  Use this time to educate them while avoiding a dirty wrestling match.  Talk to them about the colors, textures, uses and such.  Really exaggerate the descriptions…they get so little of this in our modern world.

2.  Alternative to a sand box.  Many mothers want to give their kids a sand box but worry about the mess and them getting it in their mouthes and eyes.  My solution to this is to get a bunch of rocks and make a rocks box instead!  They can still dig and play but it is a lot easier to clean up and is safer.  Just be sure to school them on no throwing!

3.  More with rocks.  When I was a child my sister and I used to go out to the driveway and crush rocks with a hammer.  Now, this obviously has to be age appropriate and most of us kno our childrens’ limits better then anyone else so use your better judgement.  This activity is best supervised.

4.  Wrestling and tumbling in the grass.  Toddlers love this.  It is a chance to just get buck wild and if Mommy does it too, they get such a thrill!  Make sure you are not applying any chemicals to the grass and find out what your local parks do to their grass if anything.  You are your best advocate!

5.  Sing songs.  Most small children gravitate to singing.  Go out to the yard and bring a book for yourself.  Sing songs with your child or children.  Get them started with several songs and they will most likely enjoy but also venture out on their own to explore too.  Try to incorporate things in your yard.  For example:  Itsy Bitsy Spider…show them a downspout and demonstrate the lyrics.  Then, once they have begun to independently play you can read your book while they explore and fantasy play.  Of course this will vary according the ages of the children.

Get out get natural with your kids.  Be a kid with them sometimes.  They and the earth will thank you for it!

Love and light,



Farm Sanctuary August 5, 2009

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I would like to point out a few major issues that mean so much to me here.  They are best described by an organization that I support to my fullest, Farm Sanctuary.  They have been working feverishly for years to provide a safe haven for abused farm animals and have evolved into the best voice I am aware of for animal rights.

Each member of my family has adopted an animal from the California farm but they also have a New York location!  If you havany interest in the protection of animals this is a wonderful resource and support system.  Here are some excerpts from their Summer 09′ Newsletter.


Subjecting animals to intensive confinement, separating babies from their mothers almost immediately after birth, packing them by the thousands into grant warehouses where they never feel sunshine on their skin or breathe fresh air, routinely mutilating their bodies without anisthetics…does any of this sound NATURAL to you?

Of course not: very few people would probably answer yes.  So why did the USDA recently approve a standard that will allow companies to slap a “naturally raised” label on meat and processed meat products that come from animals reared in unnatural factory farm conditions?…..

….Labeling meat from egregiously mistreated animals as “naturally raised” misleads the public and exploits consumer trust in advertising, point-of-purchase packaging and government regulatory agencies….ENOUGH SAID.  LOOK INTO IT, PLEASE:)

Love and light,



Summer is in the Air! July 18, 2009

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Earlier this year I wrote a post titled Spring is in the Air. I wrote about a sad experience that I had in my Virginia house. In short, someone killed my praying mantis and it was devastating! When I wrote that post I was really mourning the loss of all of the plants, squirrels, birds, etc. that I was moving away from and hoping that they were taken good “green” care of after my departure to San Diego.

I was going into the unknown: moving my family to the other far side of this nation and leaving the safety net of familiarity. I would like to update those who care to know that I have received confirmation that its all good:) Prepare yourself for a bit of mushy and possibly flaky waxing on about what makes my heart swell.

I have my tomato plants growing in the hot summer sun up on our rooftop deck and this morning I went out to water them. It would have been so easy to miss, as is usual with a praying mantis, this very little creature resting neatly on a twisted vine of my plant. Upon closer inspection I noticed that it was missing one of its long hind legs, making me love him even more. I have immediately become protective of my new little friend and hope that he lives a happy life up on our deck.

As the sun was setting tonight, I wandered up there for one last look at it. It had moved to a new position and just sat there looking at me. There was no fuss when I bent in close for a good look. It was calm and collect. This is therapeutic to me. Why? I do not really know. I do know that I take great pleasure in the simple things in life and the presence of this creature is epic to me.

What do you find to be epic in the saga of your life? What speaks to your heart? Whatever it might be, give it some attention and love because I am sure that if you do that you will see it flower somewhere else in your life. I think that is why meditation is so great. It is an opportunity to focus in on nothing and let yourself flow with the simplicity of life. Tonight, I will go to my roof and meditate before bed. I think my little green friend will enjoy the company and I will nurture my spirit.

Be sure to tune in every week during the month of August, as I will be presenting my Summer Cancer Prevention series of articles, including an Interview with Charlotte Gerson, daughter and protege of renowned cancer healer Max Gerson, MD!

Love and light,


Baby Jogger + Coronado = Euphoria June 25, 2009

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I’m back! My skin is sun kissed, I know that I should be more careful and usually am but I have been so caught up in the beautiful charm of this island and its people that my sunscreen vigilance has taken a temporary back seat. My spirit is high.

My Baby Joggers, single and double, have gotten more use in the past week here in Coronado than they did in an entire year back in Virginia. One cannot help but want to be outdoors all of the time here! Being a confessed nature girl, I am getting my crunch on! The community blends the height of luxurious paradise, military common sense, Southern California progression and timeless patriotic spirit into a lovely slice of heavenly American pie. Most people, whether locals or tourists, are strolling around with smiles on their faces and kind greetings. It is as if everyone feels like they have stumbled upon the best secret locale in the country. Many stop to chat and speak exactly of that sentiment…”we are so fortunate, huh?”

We live a block and a half away from Spreckel’s Park, where the boys play with other island children. Mothers, grandmothers and caregivers bond with sunny smiles and a lot of laughter. The grass is like a golf course so Peter navigates it with no hesitation, its like carpet. On Sundays, there is a free concert there where everyone gathers with their blankets, snacks and wine. There are often fireworks going off somewhere, in fact we saw some for a private event at the Hotel Del from our bedroom window the first night we stayed in our house. Graham said, “More fireworks!” He is also very enamored with the firefighters who work down the street.

This spectacular village community exists just a bridge away from downtown San Diego and we can ferry downtown in minutes. We have yet to do that but we have gone each week to the ferry landing farmers market and have been noshing on fresh local avocados, strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, watermelons, kale and swiss chard! This is one of the most sustainable choices I can make, especially considering my mode of transportation (strolling the kids there and using my stroller to hold my market bags.) I have been making a conscious effort to shop local stores for our needs, even though I could drive to a big box store and have found that many stores offer a discount if you are a local. This also leads to new relationships with people and community building, sewing the seeds of sustainability. My family is on cloud nine, aside from the hectic nature of moving into a new house.

So as the Pacific Ocean lured my family back, we came and we are confident that this move was far more than a good idea. It was a calling. I have had so much inspiration for writing and do not know what I’ll be writing about next but you can bet that I’ll be writing up a sunny summer storm this year. We still have a couple more days of unpacking and moving things into their proper places but I am ready to write!

I leave you all this evening with a message of joy. Please find joy in your home, your town, your vacation spot and take some time to smell the roses…oh, I forgot to mention that there are so many rose gardens here and the blooms are HUGE! They are so big they resemble sunflowers! As the petals drop, they blow along the sidewalks in the fresh coastal breeze. We were taking an evening stroll recently and as we discovered we were walking on fallen rose petals, I said, “Wow! The streets are even strewn with rose petals for our walks!” We had a good laugh and thanked our lucky stars. Thank yours and be grateful for what you have.

Love and light,