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A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. – Chinese Proverb

Oh, Holiday…Spooky Holiday… November 1, 2011

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How do we connect with the dead?  How do we actually find a line of communication with them?  Do you believe in the supernatural?  All good questions in my book.  Let us not stop there: Should we even bother?  How “real” is the possibility of them being a part of our everyday lives?

Like it or not, we are obsessed.  As a society, we flirt constantly with the unknown and unseen, while quickly skirting away when things get a little too uncomfortable.  Personally, I have found that my ability to strip away the context and story surrounding the death gives me some space.  The less I try to “understand” the situation and instead seek an “understanding” of the nature of death, I seem to find peace in loss.

No matter how traumatic the loss of life affects us, we truly can decide to embrace and love our lost ones in our own special ways.  Tonight, I honor my mother.  I seek to love my mother, who I lost so long ago.  I choose to parade with my children and celebrate life on this holiday but I am opening myself more than ever to the loving space that I trust my mother has in my heart.  As I draw the blinds on a spooky Halloween night, my spirit is drawn to my mother.  May she and I both rest in peace.