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Liquid Fast Continued October 5, 2009

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Fasting is a very powerful healing tool in your body’s medicine cabinet. It can be very intimidating and many find the idea of going without solid food a bit scary. There is good reason for this. A fast is not something to be taken lightly and deserves the utmost respect. It is important to be responsible and understand you reasons for the fast. Your intentions and frame of mind are also important tools and it is a necessity to have only good and pure intentions with your fast. If you just want to lose some extra weight, that’s fine. Just be aware that a fast is powerful and can bring up very uncomfortable thoughts and physical reactions if done in haste and without preparation.

Here are a few tips of mine:

1. Start by juice fasting, fresh pressed juice, one day a week. Pick a day that you think you can handle avoiding social food situations and be a bit flexible. If something really important comes up you can reschedule for another day. Just make sure you still doing it consistently each week. There really is not much that is more important than your fast, though. Your health and well being is of utmost importance.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables the day before and avoid animal products. For fats, if you need them, use olive oil or flaxseed oil. This will transition you body into the fast much easier.

3. Make sure you drink plenty of water between juices. Just wait at least 30 minutes after drinking your juice.

3. Spend as much of your fasting day on reflection and allowing any negativity to surface. Write down your thoughts, I highly recommend keeping a fasting journal. At night, as you wind down and settle in you can develop a practice of releasing your negativity.

4. Breaking your fast is perhaps the most important aspect! Keep your mind present and do not ravage the cupboards. Again, eat fruits and vegetables. Carrots with a green salad are a really good choice. This will ensure that any mind activity will be released through the chewing but will be a clean way of introducing food again.

5. For some interesting facts, click here!

This a great way to introduce fasting gently and consistently. When you are comfortable and ready you can think about longer fasts. I only recommend juice fasting on your own. If you are considering a water fast I strongly advise that you use the guidance of a professional.

Fasting is not something to get overly eager about. It is not about competition or perfectionism. It is about real progress that takes commitment and honoring your life force energy! There are many juice recipes but click here for a couple of mine that I love!

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