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Fresh Choppers September 7, 2009

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A lot has been said by now about how bad flouride is for us. If you have not caught on to this yet, just read the warnings on your toothpaste tube. Or if you are a mother, think about why they do not put flouride into baby toothpaste since they cannot spit it out. It is because it is toxic to the system!

Anyway, once you can let go of the idea that your teeth will rot and your breath will stink you can actually have a lot of fun trying home treatments and holistic products.

This is one I like a lot!

Mix together in a bowl, preferably one with a spout so you can pour it into a bottle (one saved from old product and disinfected or a new one,) these ingredients:

1 cup purified or distilled water
1/2 cup of fresh pressed lemon juice and a few spirals of the rind
5-10 leaves of mint to taste
1/2 cup of 3.5% FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (method of mixing below)

Brush your teeth with no paste and then floss. Following that, shake the rinse before use and swish! Do not swallow. If you are curious about the uses of food grade hydrogen peroxide I have provided a small sample below from this informative page: Even though some people use it as a treatment and do swallow it, it is controlled and done in a very specific way.

This is fun, like a science experiment! Just be sure you keep the hydrogen peroxide out of reach for children. Even though it is food grade it must be handled responsibly. Here is the method mentioned in the ingredients list:

“Making and Using 3% Solutions of H202
A 3.5% solution can be made quite easily by first pouring 1 ounce of 35% H202 into a pint jar. To this add 11 ounces of distilled water. This will make 12 ounces of 3.5% H202. 3.5% H202 has a variety of medicinal uses.

1. Three tablespoons mixed with a quart of non-chlorinated water makes a good enema or douche formula.
2. It can be used full strength as a mouthwash or mixed with baking soda for toothpaste.
3. It can be used full strength as a foot bath for athlete’s foot. (Diabetics have found relief from circulation problems by soaking their feet in 1 pint of 3% peroxide mixed with 1 gallon of warm, non-chlorinated water for 30 minutes nightly.)
4. A tablespoon added to 1 cup of non-chlorinated water can be used as a nasal spray. Depending on the degree of sinus involvement, one will have to adjust the amount of peroxide used. I have seen some who can use it at the full 3% strength and others who had difficulty with using a few drops and mixed with a cup of water.
5. 3.5% H202 can be added to pets drinking water at the rate of 1 ounce per quart of non-chlorinated water. Sick cattle reportedly benefit from 1 pint (of 3%) to each 5 gallons of water. (Chickens and cows have remained healthy by using 8 ounces of 35% H202 per 1,000 gallons of drinking water.)” Source:

Please educate yourself. I am not a doctor or professional and am not dispensing medical advice. I am sharing with you what I find to work in moving away from things I believe to be unhealthy and toward healthier options.

Love and light,