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Electromagnetic Danger August 25, 2009

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There is a danger out there that many of us rarely consider when talking about environmental hazards brought about by man.  I had heard stories and read a few articles about the dangers but did not realize the seriousness until my interview with Charlotte Gerson.  She takes this threat very seriously.  Keep in mind that she is far from a quack.  She is steeped in medical research and has a strong network of affiliations with study, old and new, that transcends the binds of modern medicinal control.  She walks the walk and it is a road less traveled but it is a worthwhile detour.

She discusses the dangers in her book The Healing Way and calls the problem an “electromagnetic smog.”  We all have an energy field surrounding us, which used to function properly and undisturbed.  In modern times, the frequent use of electronics in our homes and cell phones is a very real concern.  Officials have yet to acknowledge any health threats but if I have learned nothing else of value in the past few years, the most important is that one cannot fully trust official organizations and their corporate interests.  Charlotte’s research says, “Robert O. Becker, MD, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, called the proliferation of electromagnetic fields ‘the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment.”  You can read a very interesting interview with him: click here.  She recommends using the precautionary principle, “If in doubt, don’t,” and suggests cutting cell phone usage to a minimum.  As with all of our electric devices, it should be turned off when not in use and not be kept on one’s body.  She recommends also using a hands free device for communications with these phones to keep them as far from your body, your head in particular.

The limitations that we need to impose on ourselves are beneficial two-fold:  we take precautions for our own health and we also reduce our carbon footprint on the earth by keeping our energy use down.  We cannot rely on our government or modern medicine to protect us.  We have to become an advocate for ourselves, our families and friends, our communities and our earth!  There is a large and growing population of citizens speaking out against the dangers of the issues I discuss in this blog.  There is a lot of information out there and it is our responsibility to learn what we can.  It can be a little unnerving due to conflicting studies and such but I recommend that you follow your instincts, not your fears.  These issues are nothing to become fearful of to the point of inaction or radical behavior.  They are serious  issues that take a consistent concern, networking and support.

I long ago eliminated the use of a microwave in our home and I will elaborate on my reasons why in a post to come.  I also do my best to use as little electricity as possible and get outside.  The more we stay in our homes in an electrical soup the more our electromagnetic fields are disturbed and our systems do not function as well.  Obviously, most of us are not going to eliminate electromagnetic exposure completely and that is not what I am suggesting.  I am suggesting that we step back and take an honest look at what we think of all the stuff in our homes.  Living is supposed to be done outside.  Our homes are our shelter when we need it, not a cave to cloister ourselves in and become electromagnetic mutants in!  Just try to live a bit more free of devices and gadgets.  Get outside and use your arms, legs, heart and lungs to experience life.  Take deep breaths and just be.  Get your brain and body used to doing this again.  Let go of thought and live without fears or expectations and the worthy thoughts will come.  Let your intuition speak and be ready to listen.  There are too many greedy people out there hoping that you won’t.

One really great resource for this information is a website called  They have been around for some 25 years and used to be a publication but have moved onto the internet now.  I find them to be an incredible resource and it is free.  If you find their information useful and want to support them, you can donate if you wish.  This is how they support their entity in place of the subscription fees they used to require.

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