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Twisted Industries. August 24, 2009

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I am sure we are not far behind in similar quests as the Russians and their project to genetically modify goats into producing human milk.  WHAT?  Here is the link:

Read it for yourself.  All of the genetic altering of things is really screwed up.  Of course, animals always end up being the sacrifice we make to “advance” in scientific studies.  I would bet that if Harvard conducted a study, which only occurs via computer now because they are so much more accurate at simulation then animal testing, it would show that this venture is futile.  It just makes me mad that animals have to be the butt of this horrible tendency people have of exploiting them.  It is humiliating and I am often embarrassed of my own species and its folly.  I can only hope to be a voice in a sea of harm and to encourage others in joining me in the healing.

In regards to what is going on in our own nation, we can make a difference by making educated purchases.  Look for labels that certify your products non GMO and donate some money to assist the watchdog organizations that are trying to protect us.  One such company is Non GMO Project.  Click their name to find out more!

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