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A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. – Chinese Proverb

Judgements August 20, 2009

Filed under: Inspirations — Simple Jess @ 11:04 pm

I had an epiphany the other day and it has been sitting with me, just waiting to come out into words.

I was on a beach walk with the boys and I was thinking about how much harm is done when we judge others. I am pretty aware of judgments when they occur in my mind, have gotten pretty good at identifying them and can usually prevent them from actually coming out of my mouth or staying put in my undercurrent of thoughts. I just wash them away because I know they do NO good. I have worked this around quite a bit and really thought that I was doing a good job with it. But just like with anything else, once you think you are getting something you will surely learn sooner or later that you are always growing and capable of opening up getting it even more.

Sometimes our eyes are opened to a new way of seeing an idea or basic tenet of our lives and it can be a gradual realization or a lightning bolt awakening.  This particular message was received in the form of a lightning bolt!  I cannot really describe how it happened but can say that during a stream of deep thought, in regards to judgements, the thought occurred to me all of the sudden.  Here it goes:  The deeper meaning, for me that day,  behind not judging lest ye be judged was that it is not just about judging others.  It is about the mind chatter of worry.  How often do we worry about what people think of us?  How they might view us?  How they might judge us?  How often do we let that shape the decisions we make?  We might even laugh it off but humor is not enough to wash away the damage of such fear.  I realized that most of my suffering these days is a result of an action I have taken or thought I have allowed to manifest that harbors judgmental fear:  actions and thoughts that allow my fear to dictate how I do something.  Heaven forbid I be judged on my parenting skills or my personal style or whether or not I am becoming a little too flaky with all of this soul searching and disconnection from the “soup” of dysfunction in the modern world.  I have had entirely way too much of that.  Its enough.  This does not mean that I will retreat to some desolate destination and shun the world.  It means that I will carry this with me every day as another strength that I have received from the divine source of all being.  I remain open and can say with all honesty that I very much look forward to deepening my understanding of my potential in this world.  Join me if you would like:)

Love and light,