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Interview with Charlotte Gerson and Review of Healing the Gerson Way August 11, 2009

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One look at Charlotte Gerson is all it takes to peak your interest in her philosophy.  At a proud 87 years of life, she has managed to buck modern medicine and is nothing short of a healer.  She is spry, full of energy and, in her own words, “…could talk for hours.”  Although she traveled a lot during her formative years and still does in order to publicly speak, she still speaks with a beautiful German accent.  She is a treasure of a woman whom you immediately notice to be modest and no nonsense.  She is serious and direct but very kind:  the kind of combination required when dealing with the plagues of disease upon us.  She is committed to healing people and carrying on her father’s work.

We met at at her home for the interview but it turned out to be more of a conversation.  You will see that regardless of the therapy’s simplicity, the complexity of the modern world and our power hungry nation is what makes healing people so difficult.  Vanity, convenient living and sheep mentality are a few of the many mountains her institute has to cross in order to successfully heal people from cancer and various other diseases.  But this woman is committed and has been at it for decades now.  It is contagious.  It is inspiring.  It is a simple and beautiful truth.

She was a gracious host without any pomp, circumstance or eccentricity.  Her simple German sensibilities were evident in her gestures and words.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous, in an excited way: I knew I was in for a schooling.  I had my questions, which I will share with you all but many of them seemed irrelevant due to the simple and matter of fact basis of Gerson Therapy.  Of course, the complexity of life is what gets in the way and that is where a healer such as Charlotte steps in with her father’s research and tedious studies as a breath of fresh air…as fresh as you can get here in the states!

The very first thing she did was to walk me over to the back of her house to show me something.  I had complimented her home, to which she modestly replied, “Oh, it works for me.  It is the smallest one in my neighborhood.  You know, some of the houses are really big.  I do not need all that.”  Then she walked me over to her sliding glass doors which have a beautiful view of a valley and a mountain in the background.  She was quick to point out the towers on the mountain and frowned as she pulled out her electromagnetic sensor.  She explained that her doors have a special plastic material to block it out and demonstrated for me a reading through the door and then with it open.  Apparently, they penetrate glass but not solid walls.  Then we sat down for a lovely conversation. (For more information on electromagnetic danger, click here.)

She started out by saying, “I have a suggestion for you. (Pause)  Do not bother yourself with talking to people about prevention.  Really, do not trouble yourself.”  I asked why.  She told me that although the prescription for health is simple, it is not what people want to hear.  She says that people do not want to be told how to eat.  When she informs her patients, who are predominantly at various stages of cancer, including stage 4, that they have to cut out animal products because it lowers our bodies’ pH to an acid state and eat only fruits and vegetables with very little grains, some will say, “I cannot do that.”  These people are very sick and desperate and even some of them will not listen to this rule . So if someone is not experiencing a cancer take over they do not think anything is wrong.  There for, it is even more difficult and in most situations futile to try to convince people that they are harming themselves and could prevent the cancer with a change of lifestyle.   I could tell that she was not trying to be discouraging but she simply did not want to see me spinning my wheels.  I can relate to this because I know that when I am passionate about something that is worthy, I fluctuate between feeling like I am on the right track and questioning the productivity or efficacy of my cause.  Many of us can relate to this David vs. Goliath scenario.

So, the two basic problems in human bodies that the therapy treats are:  TOXICITY and DEFICIENCY.  We need to start getting really comfortable with these words because they need to be addressed for our nation of obese and diseased people. She says, “Do you know what happened when they decided to conduct obesity studies on animals?  The animals would not overeat!  So what did they do?  They gave them MSG which inhibits the feeling of being full.  Scary stuff, huh?”

I laughed uncomfortably.  She said, “Its not funny.”

I replied, “No, its not.  Its just one of those things that is so horrifying that I sometimes have to laugh to release the absurdity of it.”

With the tone of a loving mother, she says, “I know.”

When I asked her about the contradictions between some of the suggestions of buck the trend or holistic nutritionists and her treatments, such as the food combining rule of not mixing fruit with other foods, she regarded me with patience but I could tell there was a level of frustration there because of her certainty.  But she managed to get her point across with a simple, “…pay no attention to that.  Do not trouble yourself with that stuff.  We deal with patients in stage 4 cancer, if eating fruit with vegetables is so toxic then why are our fruit and vegetable combinations healing the sickest of patients?”

She explains to me that babies are now being born with cancer.  This deserves repeating: babies are being born with cancer!  This is a product of our lives and if there is anything “genetic” about it, it is because we are passing along deteriorated health to our children.  She tells me a story of a baby born with Down’s Syndrome who’s parents treated her with the Gerson Therapy.  She is now in 3rd grade with all of the other students, functioning just like them and looks like them.  When it comes to Charlotte and the Gerson Therapy the proof is in the pudding.  She rolls up her shirt sleeve to show me her skin, which looks like that of a woman in her 30s, and chuckles, “Doctors have a lot of fun with me!”  She scoffs at the popular medical answer for so many ailments: genetics.  In most cases, genetic problems can be healed by the Gerson Therapy.

What would happen to pharmaceutical companies if the Gerson treatment was accepted?  They would be a very small industry that would be used in the most emergency type of situations as opposed to infiltrating our daily lives.  There is a pill for every ill, right?  Wrong.  There is an ill for every bad choice we make and our bodies in tandem with the earth have the ultimate healing properties we need when guided by professionals who choose not to be a part of “the soup,” as Charlotte puts it.

She canceled her health insurance when she was 34.

The best way I can succinctly describe how the treatment works is to say this.  The food we eat either creates fermentated blood which becomes acidic or oxidated blood which becomes alkaline, which is preferred.  The blood should be at a pH of 7.35 or higher.  According to the chemical studies of Otto Warburg M.D., Ph.D, who’s work received a Nobel Prize, most adult Americans have a blood PH pf 6.5 or lower!  His studies were awarded in 1931…Charlotte repeats, “1931!!!”  Still the medical community ignores this.  When following the Gerson Method, the food provides you with potassium which you are deficient in and it removes sodium which feeds cancer.  This heals the body and starves out the cancer cells which are multiplying in the acid state.  Cancer cells become “dormant” at a pH of 8.5 and die while healthy cells will live.  Virtually all degenerative diseases, including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney and gall stones, and tooth decay are associated with excess acidity.  Charlotte’s father, Max Gerson, M.D., feverishly conducted studies, researched and experimented with many patients that had been turned away from medical facilities or had learned about his methods and volunteered to participate.  It began with a mission to cure his own migraine headaches that were “inherited” and unfolded into a complex life’s work of treating cancer and other degenerative diseases.  It all has to do with what we consume via our mouths and skin as well as what we breath.  The Gerson patients’ environments are very controlled for a long time, often up to 2 years.  This is a challenge for all involved but it works and it also teaches the patients how to live after the cancer is gone.

I asked Charlotte what I could suggest to my readers since it is pretty clear that most people are not going to commit to this lifestyle as a preventative measure.  What are a couple of things that one could do?  The first thing she said was, “Eat all organic.  It is so important.  But to be serious about it you must be vegetarian.  All animal products create acid in our blood.”  We talked about what being a vegetarian means and she was clear that medically speaking it includes their milk.  She says, “That’s part of the animal, right?”

The importance of detoxing is where she goes next.  The fruit and vegetable diet fixes the problem of DEFICIANCY but the TOXICITY also has to be addressed.  This is why detoxing is a must.  I go further into detoxing in another post.  Click here for more information on the method.  She also goes into detail about it in the book.  She is very serious when she says that this includes children.  They are toxic from what we have passed onto them, what they have eaten thus far and from immunizations.  She expresses that women should follow this diet when pregnant and breastfeeding to be sure they are serving the baby and themselves.  Some of medical problems with babies these days stem from the mother’s body leaching off of the baby’s pancreas because she is deficient, as in recent cases of hypoglycemic mothers.  Remember:  TOXICITY and DEFICIENCY.  I do not embolden these words as a scare tactic.  It is only to signify the importance.  Especially when dealing with our children, it is important to know what we are doing.  The Gerson Institute provides current, accurate information to people who are considering and/or healing with the Gerson Therapy through:

  • Training and certification of medical professionals and caregivers in the Gerson Therapy.
  • Information, patient assistance and public education about the Gerson Therapy.
  • Lectures and seminars.
  • Publication and distribution of works by and about Dr. Gerson and his therapy.
  • Sales of educational materials.
  • Media to spread the word about the Gerson Therapy.
  • Research to track patient records, with the goal of publishing results.
  • Bi-monthly newsletter for over 1,000 members worldwide.

If one has any questions or needs guidance, they can call the toll free number to the Gerson Institute:  888.443.7766

Now, back to her suggestions.  She also stresses that we eliminate salt.  In her words, “…a little is dangerous, a lot is poison.”  Another must is to eat foods without labels.  She quoted a friend of hers as saying, “Anything with a label is a product.  I would rather eat produce!”  We discussed the harm of packaged and labeled foods and the damage of labeling ourselves one thing or another.  You see, Americans believe they have to have a label, an identity so they can easily explain themselves to others.  It is a bit lazy.  There is a false security and sense of safety in that.  If we could just let go of that desire and refuse to be blindsided by agribusiness, we can begin to heal our bodies and our earth.

When I asked her, as a mother, a simple tip she could give my readers for healing their children she said, “Carrot and apple juice.  Fresh pressed.”  We know it is a bit more involved than that but if you take one tip today for mothering adopt this.

I had intended to speak with Charlotte for an hour but she pointed out to me that we had completed another half hour of discussion.  She was not kidding that she can talk and she has a lot of important things to say.  If we allow genuine voices like hers that are not coming form a place of greed or bottom line dollar signs to be drowned out…snuffed out by our industrial nation, we are losing a precious gift and spiraling further down a path of self destruction.  Small farmers are disappearing unless they manage to adopt a new way of organic produce farming and fit into a new niche market that is still fairly small itself.  I will not get started at this time on the problems organic farmers face these days but I will write more on that later.  You see, I have a lot to say too.  I asked her, “What do I do now?”  She said, “Just do your best.  Keep trying.”  She explained that even though it is easy to feel discouraged there are signs of progress.  She says that people are slowly becoming more aware of the alternatives.  The question is: are we catching on soon enough and quickly enough?  So I decided I will continue to speak out about cancer prevention but will temper it with the reality check given to me by this power house of a woman.

As we wrapped up our conversation she offered me a fig from a dish on her coffee table.  She had picked them from the organic fig tree in her back yard.  I have never been very big on figs but I tried one and it was heavenly.  It is amazing how great something tastes when it has been picked ripe and eaten immediately.  She said, “Here, have another.  You are hungry.”  I had another because, yes, I was hungry.  I am hungry.  I am hungry for more information and for a welcoming of the Gerson Therapy into the medical community.  I am hungry for good wholesome food for everyone.  I am hungry for truth.  Charlotte fed me and I have to say that one day with her was healing on all levels.

As I have reflected upon my visit with Charlotte, I kept thinking about how I wish I could talk to her so much more.  I wish she were my grandmother.  That is part of the beauty in her lifestyle.  She has bucked the trend, just like her father and is now available to her descendants at 87 with an able body and mind that are far superior to our average 30 year old, these days.  I wish I had one of my grandmothers still alive to share her wisdom and bond with my children.  Isn’t that what life on earth is about?  I want to be living and doing it well.  I want to be that for my family.  I want to be there for them when they need me for as long as I can.  I have a purpose on this earth and my legacy to my children is beyond important.  Charlotte touches that part of you and you cannot help but to reflect deeply after being around her.

I highly recommend her book:  Healing the Gerson Way and suggest the Institute’s latest documentary The Beautiful Truth.  Charlotte recommended to me the documentary Dying to Have Known which I plan to watch.  There are many products available on their website and as I continue to sift through them, I will share what I learn and recommend things I have found to be useful for living a clean and long life.

IMG_4158Charlotte stands in front of her fig tree.  I did not do so well with the lighting so I failed to capture her incredibly blue eyes and amazing skin.

Whatever your blockage might be, just consider this alternative way of healing and living.  Of course, it is best to adopt the lifestyle fully especially if you have or have had cancer, your life depends on it, but if you are not ready for that just read the book and take what steps you can in moving toward a more natural way of life.

Thank you so very much to Charlotte Gerson, for opening up your home and mind to me.  I can only hope to do your work justice.

Any and all questions can be submitted below and I will address them at the end of the month when I wrap up the entire series.  Check it out here at:  That’s a Wrap!

As always with love and light,



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