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In motion August 11, 2009

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This week I am writing about exercise.  This a simple introduction to the topic.  We covered cancer prevention issues with food last week because it is the most important and now I want to address the benefits of moving your body.  You can move your body, exercise, all you want but if you are putting junk in your mouth then most of the health benefits are null.  Assuming you have embraced or accepted the fact that food is what makes you, we can now move onto activity.

For something that is so difficult for people to commit to, it is really quite simple.  There are many ways to get your body moving but the most important thing is that you do something.  It is not necessary to train for a marathon or learn a new workout, although these things can be beneficial for some.  Simply get out and go for walks.  If you have children, get down and roll around with them.  Do some light stretching in the morning or at night.  Take pleasure in cleaning your house with non-toxic and/or homemade cleaners…there are surely a few things that need to be done around the home, right?

I do not want to get to involved with spouting all of the research that supports exercise and deals with all of the benefits.  I just want to give some gentle motivation to get you moving a little more.  Turn off the television tonight and do something you enjoy.  Tune out the news and all the chatter that is so destructive to our vibrant bodies.  Tune into the frequency of your body and take good care of it.  It is not only your vehicle in life, it is the material that nourishes your spirit if you nourish it!  After reading this, get up and walk away for your computer.  Choose to move!

One of my favorite activities is to garden.  It works my body, calms my mind and creates beautiful art and food for my family!  What is your favorite thing to do to move your body?  Submit here and I will follow up with readers’ suggestions later this week.  Do not forget to check out my Interview with Charlotte Gerson in another post to follow later this week as well!  I continue writing about exercising for cancer prevention in Exercise and Relationships.

Love and light,