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Eliminating Toxicity August 11, 2009

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There are many suggestions out there for detoxing these days and I could go on and on about all of the methods.  One of the most enlightened options is the raw food diet.  While this method warrants a lot of credit, it often skirts the issue of getting toxic matter out of one’s body: this is something that is extremely important upon the launch of a raw food detox.   If one is serious about detoxing they will quickly learn, upon research, that enemas and colonics play an important role.  This post is an extension of my recent post:  click here for An Interview with Charlotte Gerson and ventures into relatively lewd territory.  Let us go there.

Yes, the very sound of it is gross and most people just will not even consider it.  I understand.  Shucks, we live in a society where people put human qualities to the faces of their dogs, yet shutter at their “animalistic” behaviors when they poo “inappropriately”  in relation to the society we breed them in.  Heaven forbid we discuss our the poo of our pets, let alone our own!

If you’ve stayed with me this far, you can keep it up.  Come on.  Trust me, I understand.  This is not about to be a dinner table conversation in most social situations.  So I ask you to consider it and marinate for awhile, in the privacy of your internet environment.

In regards to my recent interview with Charlotte Gerson and affiliations with her institute, let’s talk about coffee enemas.  Just think of it as chic new coffee product even though it has been around for centuries.  A new coffee buzz:)  Okay, I am done being cheeky.

“The coffee dilates the bile ducts, thus allowing the liver to release toxic accumulations.”  This, a discovery by Dr. Max Gerson, is from Healing the Gerson Way.  It discussed how recent discoveries by three scientists from the Department of Pathology, University of Minnesota confirm this.  “They show that rectal coffee administration stimulates an enzyme system in the liver, which is able to remove toxic free radicals from the bloodstream.  The normal release is increased by 600 to 700 %! ”

The book, for which a link is provided in the introduction, goes into great detail to explain this, scientifically, but I will not get into that too much here.  I just want to provide a gentle introduction to something that is a bit hard to….swallow.  Charlotte recommended to me that you do this once a day, due to the highly toxic nature of our environment these days.  From our commutes, to toxins in our water;  it is not enough to simply eat well and exercise.  If you are not ready to even consider this, be aware that it is a clinically effective practice and is absolutely necessary if one wants to heal their cancer, or varieties of disease, the Gerson Way!  Here is a link to another blog that does a great job of explaining the coffee enema: click here.

Love and light and stinky poo (back to being cheeky,)



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