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Stress and Food – A Vicious Cycle August 7, 2009

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So we have now addressed starting with yourself and have made the connection between food and spirituality.  Let’s talk about stress baby.  If this is your first visit to the Summer Cancer Prevention Series click here to go the category page.  Then scroll down to the bottom to start with the first post and read the in order.  Or if you prefer to just start here and go back in your own way, go for it!

One of the tragic byproducts of our ignorance is stress.  When we do not balance and nurture our spiritual and material selves stress become evident.  The cannibalistic nature of stress then pushes us to an even more unbalanced state.  It causes us to do things to ourselves that are no in line with our purpose, like eating food that might tasted great but only furthers our progress toward cancer and disease.  We tell ourselves that we will deal with it another day without fully knowing how right we are.  We will deal with it when we are told we have cancer or heart disease.  Sadly, too many people wait to make any lifestyle changes until they receive this horrifying news.

We blindly consume for sheer appeal to our desires and perhaps for some their health on occasion but in so many cases people are plowing through pounds of food a year without ever thinking about where it comes from, how it got to their plate or what is in it, never giving true thanks and connecting to the intense spiritual and healing quality that is available through food.  This causes stress because our bodies and souls are wired for the connection.  We NEED that connection because we are wired for it.  When it is not happening, we feel lacking so we eat more to fill the void.  Its not just that our body is craving nutrients and healing, its stress is saying, “Nope, that won’t do.  I need something else.  Try again.”  Stress is a warning sign that we need to correct course.  If we don’t our body ecology gets more out of whack and we then accumulate more stress.  Then we go right back to that bag of salty chips or sweet and smooth ice cream.  It is supposedly soothing but it is temporary and is not really soothing at all.  It is aggravating.  This is the vicious cycle that so many of go through.

In the modern world, it is virtually impossible to avoid stress.  We can definitely, in accordance with healthy food and spirituality give ourselves a clean slate to face our challenges but things will happen from the outside that we cannot avoid.  There are many ways to deal with stress when it happens.

First, going inside and listening to the feeling is the best start.  Think about what foods you could eat that that will nourish your spirit and body.  These are fruits and vegetables.  Plan to eat a healthy meal as soon as possible and stick to the plan.  Visualization is most helpful.  Visualize the colors and textures of the food.  Imagine the clean thirst quenching flavors and the crunching sound of chewing thoroughly. I suggest eating a few raw vegetables in a salad and then following that with a cooked vegetable dish.  The cooked food will heal your mind as it is attached to the idea of home cooked food and associates it with love.  Here is a recipe I got from Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson and Beata Bishop. Depending on what your unique circumstances are you can expand from there.  Maybe plan to share that meal with a supportive and positive friend or family member.  The energy of that relationship and the meal will polarize the negativity of your stress.  (I will be dealing with realtionships in more detail later on this month.)  Or you can plan to go for a long walk or hike before or after your meal.  The movement of your body and meal will polarize that stress.  You can see where I am going with this.  Think about your food and expand from there.  I personally love yoga.  It has become a big part of my life and it supports my need for a connection with my physical (material) and spiritual self.  I have also been a runner for years.  I call it my active meditation because when I get into a rhythm a calm comes about me and my mind is still.  I have very clear thoughts and the stress is just gone.  Your body is designed for these things and if you ignore that, you will pay the price in one way or another.

I have more recommendations for dealing with stress that I will deliver later this month.  This article is dealing with the food and expanding just a bit from there.  I will introduce more material but for now only worry about this place of beginning.

Once again, you are what you eat.  Start with your food and go within.  There is a treasure trove of healing energy there.  It lies within you.  And be sure to check out my Interview with Charlotte Gerson.

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