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Farm Sanctuary August 5, 2009

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I would like to point out a few major issues that mean so much to me here.  They are best described by an organization that I support to my fullest, Farm Sanctuary.  They have been working feverishly for years to provide a safe haven for abused farm animals and have evolved into the best voice I am aware of for animal rights.

Each member of my family has adopted an animal from the California farm but they also have a New York location!  If you havany interest in the protection of animals this is a wonderful resource and support system.  Here are some excerpts from their Summer 09′ Newsletter.


Subjecting animals to intensive confinement, separating babies from their mothers almost immediately after birth, packing them by the thousands into grant warehouses where they never feel sunshine on their skin or breathe fresh air, routinely mutilating their bodies without anisthetics…does any of this sound NATURAL to you?

Of course not: very few people would probably answer yes.  So why did the USDA recently approve a standard that will allow companies to slap a “naturally raised” label on meat and processed meat products that come from animals reared in unnatural factory farm conditions?…..

….Labeling meat from egregiously mistreated animals as “naturally raised” misleads the public and exploits consumer trust in advertising, point-of-purchase packaging and government regulatory agencies….ENOUGH SAID.  LOOK INTO IT, PLEASE:)

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