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Power Yoga August 4, 2009

Filed under: Mind, Body and Spirit — Simple Jess @ 6:09 pm

Yesterday evening was my first Power Yoga session with Rama at my new gym.  My initial impression was one of excitement.  He walks in with sunny blond, long but nicely manicured dreads.  My first thought was, “This is the guy I want to learn power yoga from!”  I have taken a beginner course before and have done the Brian Kest Power Yoga DVD at home which gave me the bug but I had not really taken a committed step into Power Yoga with a living and breathing before me instructor.  I knew that my journey to the West coast would lead me to a good instructor and Rama is just that.  He is very unassuming, easy to follow and steps in at just the right moment…asking, of course, if its alright.  He is just wonderful and I really look forward to future sessions with him!  I realized that I am drawn to yoga not only for the balance it gives my work outs but for the ability it give you to sit in the gap, the space where spirituality lies.  I still have a lot to learn about it but this little cricket is jazzed!

I left the gym, strolling the boys home as the sunset.  The sky was little more blue and I was standing taller it seemed.  I had to hurry because I was meeting friends to go see the Navy SEAL BUDS class going through Hell Week training.  It was amazing to see the precision and determination of their instructors.  They do not let up for a second!

Anyway, today my whole body is tingling from the yoga positions of yesterday so I will be doing a simple eliptical trainer exercise today!

Love and light,