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Olive Oil August 3, 2009

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Cold Pressed Olive Oil is crucial in a healthy kitchen.  Like any fat, it should be used in moderation but often.  Do not let it sit on your shelf too long: Use it often and in many different applications.

Try not to heat it as much as possible and if you do, lightly marinate whatever you are cooking in it first and then cook it.  Do not heat the oil first…you are cooking a lot of the goodness out of it just like a vegetable!

This is an item I suggest you splurge on for your pantry.  A good quality olive oil makes a big difference when you are eating vegetables and grains because the flavor really shines.

One thing I like to do is pour some my olive oil in a decanter after I purchase it and add herbs.  They can be dry or fresh.  Then I can drizzle that on steamed veggies, dip bread in it, make a quick garlic toast or bruscetta when I am in a pinch.  After a couple of weeks, if I haven’t used it all, I will add it to a salad dressing recipe that compliments the herbs used finish it off with salads.  I love it!  The rest that is still in the original bottle, I use for cooking.

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