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Cancer Prevention Series Introduction August 1, 2009

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August is here, well before most people expect it. For me, it is a time to really enjoy the Summer season. All of the initial energy and excitement for the sun and fun has trickled to a beautiful pace of a steady, rhythmic calm. Everybody seems to submit to the heat and decompress the last traces of Winter and Spring. For me, August is a time to just be. Every day is a day to live in the moment but August seems to be that perfect calm of presence.

It is this month that I chose to focus my writing on cancer prevention. One reason is that I have been reading a lot, have a genuine interest in it right now and find myself seeking out information on my own learning curve. The other reason is that I am hoping this month of heat and submission has many of you in the right frame of mind to receive my words.

I will be presenting a lot of information on natural and effective ways to prevent cancer. They are tools that we can all use to keep ourselves clean and, in theory, reverse some the damage that has occurred already. You see, what I am learning is that we are not just struck with cancer of most kinds out of the blue. It is a product of our lifestyle.

As human beings evolve, it is my belief that resting on the laurels of modern medicine is a dangerous prospect. It certainly has its place in the evolution of our species but I can no longer sit or sleep well trusting that people with degrees, influence and power are doing right by me. I respect all of these things just like anything else but I do not necessarily trust them. I do not trust anything or anyone more than I do myself, therefore it is my duty to educate myself for me and my family.

It is very easy to get riled up and scared when you begin to delve into health care and what is good for you or not. There are varying degrees of opinion out there and it is overwhelming when trying to decide what is right and what is wrong for us. I appreciate professional associations and am grateful for their existence but I also think that too much of a good thing can go bad very quickly. These associations can quickly become more about protecting their members than protecting the well being of the people they treat or cater to. I will not go too much into the controversy over these issues. There are plenty of bloggers, journalists, and professionals out there hammering away at them. It is not my wish to stir the pot or cause my readers sleepless nights because they are drowning in nature of this subject. I simply want to address some of my concerns and be a voice for change, whether it be gradual or radical and where you take it…that is up to you!

What I intend to do, as I do with all of my articles, is to give gentle pointers to the things I have been learning and continue to learn in MY quest for true good health. I want to live a good life, share it with my husband, give it to my children and possibly inspire others to dig for it themselves. You will find that the information I share will also pertain to many other degenerative diseases and other maladies affecting the population.

I will have a couple of great interviews and a lot of what I have found to be simple but effective information. You will find topics about food, stress, exercise, the environment and relationships with a special focus on how spirituality can affect all of these. The information and ideas will focus on what can be done for women, men and children. I will provide some links to people who I think are genuinely inspirational educators and, of course, include my own thoughts on the subjects at hand. I hope that you all enjoy this series, with a new posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and follow it with your heart and an open spirit! My first article will be on Monday the 3rd. Read it, take what speaks to you and forget about sweating what doesn’t.

You can check out the categories down at the far right of this page and click Summer Cancer Prevention Series to look at all of the posts I have written in the series. I suggest you bookmark this page to make sure you have it readily available to check the new posts and wish you all a blessed August month!

If you have any questions or comments that you would like to see addressed this month, please submit them below and I will do my best to work them in!

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