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That’s a Wrap! August 31, 2009

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Well, this concludes my Summer Cancer Prevention Series of blogs. While I think that I covered what I believe to be the most important information, there is a host of information that I was unable to get to. So, I will continue to write about cancer prevention periodically and after my enlightening Interview with Charlotte Gerson will also keep up with my discoveries in Gerson Therapy. My mother in law is going to attend one of their wellness retreats in January so I will have an interview with her as well so I can share with you her experience on the full therapy for a week.

I have received questions from my readers via email and in person and I would like to take this opportunity to address them. In an effort to gain clarity I met with Marsha Anderson, the Educational Resource Specialist at the Institute, and we chatted for a bit.  She was very generous to answer all of my questions to the best of her ability.  Anyone who has the chance to meet this dynamo lady is one lucky ducky!

By far the most common question was, “What about sunscreen?”

In regards to sunscreen, the mainstream verdict is still a bit sketchy.  With all of the research I have done and picking Marsha’s brain I have come up with a pretty common sense approach mixed with some suggestions that might surprise you.

  • The regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is the absolute most important thing one can do to prevent skin cancer.  If you are shocked that it is not sunscreen keep reading.  Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables provides your skin with protection from the inside out and in some cases with extracts, such as that of broccoli, applied directly to the skin.  I am a super fan of super foods like Spirulina and Wild Blue Green Algae, Crystal Manna and Blue Manna,  for their high nutrient content.  They are all natural and do not have the edgy side effects of energy pills and diet products.  Not only do they supply my family’s diet with plenty of protein and vitamins that strict vegetarians need, they deliver a well rounded supply health protection which includes sun protection. I sprinkle them in our fruit and veggie juices and they blend in great.  I make it fun and show my sons that the juice turns really green and we giggle at the color.  In a hurry, you can add these to organic orange juice and it packs quite the energy punch.  I also really like the product Pure Synergy.  It is well rounded and includes dulce, which is a great form of iodine: a necessity if you do not use table salt.  If you eliminate salt in your diet completely you can buy an iodine solution approved by the Gerson Institute.  Their website lists their product sources but if you want to know how to get it, just contact me below and I will guide you.  A Natural Medicine article asserts, “Other foods or supplements such as algae, like chlorella and spirulina, are often called superfoods for their high nutrient content. The phytochemical Astaxanthin, a component of micro algae, is becoming popular as a supplement because of its high antioxidant value. Research is still being done, but it has been shown to give protection to the skin and eyes against ultraviolet radiation.”
  • Furthermore, tomatoes, green tea and carrots provide a lot of protection.  Vitamins C and E reduce production of cells and existing UV damage and you can retain the best forms of these vitamins through eating the foods that contain them.  Vitamin A reduces the formation of squamous cell skin cancer.  According to Gary Null, Ph.D, “Large concentrations of vitamin C can be found in fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons, limes, papaya, strawberries and cantaloupe. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids – the watersoluble substances that help to protect your capillaries – are found in the white linings of these and other plants. Many vegetables also pack in vitamin C including tomatoes, broccoli, green and red bell peppers, raw lettuce and other leafy greens.”
  • Vitamin E is present in many foods but some of the best sources I have found are almonds, avocados, sunflower seeds, turnip and mustard greens, pine nuts, spinach, collard greens, arugula, broccoli…the list goes on and on.  As you can see, a diverse diet of fruits and vegetables, including some nuts will give you plenty of protection.
  • Vitamin A can be found in an array of fruits and veggies: According to Lorri Mealey who writes for Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong website, “Look no further than your local grocery store for Vitamin A in its most natural form. Vitamin A is in many foods including eggs and dairy products. However, you can get your daily allotment of Vitamin A without the cholesterol, fat and added calories with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A is found in carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, squash, cantaloupe, apricots, broccoli and spinach, just to name a few. The general rule is that the deeper the color, the more Vitamin A a food contains.”
  • Now let us talk about sunscreen.  Research is increasingly showing that the chemicals in our body products are most likely causing our ecological systems a lot of damage.  I like to think of it like this:  anything you put on your body should be of food grade quality.  Your body absorbs it just the same as if you were eating it so you should take just as much care when considering what you put on your body as you would put into it via your mouth!  Marsha shared with me that many of the sunscreen products actually become carcinogenic when exposed to the sun.  When you add to that the fact that most people hold onto their sunscreen for too long, it sits in hot cars or beach bags and becomes more and more toxic.  The waterproof kinds are even more hideous because they are locked into your skin.  The ladies at The Gerson Institute recommended that the Aubrey Organics brand as a good option if you are going to be out in full sun for a long time.  But it is wise for you to consider some other options.
  • Here is where common sense comes in.  Where a wide brim hat when out in full mid-day sun or find some shade.  The sun is important and provides us with natural Vitamin D so exposure is not bad if it is done smart and with ritual.  Natalia Rose, intelligent clinical nutritionist, recommends, “…sun-bathing (no oils or SPF, ideally nude in the sun’s mid-morning rays,)” in her blog and in many of her books.  The idea is that you take advantage of the sun’s healing and energizing abilities early in the day before it gets to its peak.  If you are particularly sun sensitive then stick to the earliest and latest sun exposure and make sure you do it daily.  It actually activates all of the beautiful Vitamins you are getting from your food when you follow a plant based diet.
  • You see, I happen to believe that we have been given the most amazing gift as humans and when we abuse it with harmful foods (anything not plant based,) negative lifestyle and reckless living we interrupt the arc of health that is automatically provided to us.  We have the free will to decide where we want our health on this earth to be.  It is no others’ hands but our own.  How ridiculous does it seem to think that we need to buy oodles of tubes of cream to apply before it goes bad all over our bodies when we can just put a bit of conscious thought into our daily activities and be responsible?  If you are wondering now about whether or not I use sunscreen I will tell you with complete affirmation, “No.”  I do not apply it to my children either.  That is my personal conviction.  Do your own research and what your intuition tells you is right.

I have had some write me with questions about Althziemers treatment suggestions and how to deal with patients on chemotherapy.  These things a very far outside of my league and I do not feel comfortable making suggestions to my readers regarding such serious topics.  I can only refer you to Healing the Gerson Way so you can make your own informed decision.  I will say that the Gerson therapy has high degrees of success with most degenerative diseases and many maladies that one might not think it would help.  It treats the toxicity and deficiency that creates disease.  I can only defer your questions in matters as such to their website: and recommend that you call their toll free number with any questions you have:  (800) 838.2256  The ladies who answer the phone are VERY knowledgeable and can assist you far better than I ever could.  I am merely using their technique as a guideline to living healthy for life preservation and the avoidance of getting into a deathly situation where one faces the treatment as a life saving effort.  I am trying to guide my readers the best I can to help them see the possibility of living clean and not building toxicity upon deficiency.  There are other holistic or alternative treatments out there but my belief is that the Gerson Institute is the best start.  It not only treats and heals but it prepares the body and mind for the lifestyle we should all be tending to anyway and gives a true and scientific prescription for healthy living.

Another question has been about what type of water we should be drinking:

  • The Gerson Institute does not require water drinking because the patients ingest so much fresh fruit and vegetable juice that they are well hydrated.  The suggest using distilled or reverse osmosis water for brewing tea and anything else you might need it for.
  • Natalia Rose, as mentioned above, also asserts that we do not have to drink much water when we are eating water filled foods.  She continues to explain that if we eat organic fruits and vegetables and drink their juices we are receiving the most pure and organic form of water that is available.  It has all of the nutrients we need because it comes straight from the vine.
  • I, personally, follow this practice that they both suggest.  Except, I am very active and right after yoga or running I will drink some distilled water to quench my thirst quickly.  Otherwise, I have no need for it.  Most of the meals I prepare are raw and do not need to be cooked in water.  If they do, I use a bit of distilled water.  I use distilled for everything now and do not bother with mineral water.  Some disagree with this but I have found it to work great for me and my family.  It works for brewed or sun teas.
  • The idea here, and you will see that it is common running theme in my writings, is that we begin to move back toward the most natural way of living possible.  Distilled water is the closest to rain water there is.  If you find yourself with the option of mineral water I am not suggesting you shun it.  I am not a purest:  just merely suggesting ways that one can purify their consumption to the best of their abilities.

I have a couple more questions that I will get to in:  That’s a Wrap!  Part 2.  I am also still fielding questions so please do not hesitate to send them to me in the box below.  I will do my best to answer them for you or guide you somewhere that can I think can do better than I.  This will in most cases be either the Gerson Institute, their publications and events or Natalia Rose’s Detox website, books and events.

Be sure to tune into That’s a Wrap!  Part 2, later this week.  I will describe a bit more in detail the Institute itself.  Visiting their facility is quite fascinating and I will detail some opportunities my readers have for their own Gerson experience!

Love and light,



Got Swine Flu? August 27, 2009

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I cannot help myself.  I have to write about it:

Will we be facing a swine flu pandemic this fall?  WHO is classifying it at a level 5 right now, with the suggestion that we will be at a level 6 soon.  We Americans love our warning scales.  What is the reasoning for these leveled warnings?  What do they accomplish?  Let’s take a look.

What I consider to be the most important point is this:  As the level increases, it opens up the availability of vaccine production and administration.  Coincidence?  Do we really need to be vaccinated against this flu?  Is it truly the fearsome wave of destruction the alarm bells would have us believe?  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says, “What the epidemiologists are seeing now with this particular strain of U.N. is that the severity of the disease, the severity of the flu — how sick you get — is not stronger than regular seasonal flu…” and continues later to say, “…we are cautiously optimistic that this particular strain will not be more severe than a normal seasonal flu outbreak.”

The vaccine is being developed as you read this which means that the implications or explanation of long term side effects cannot be discussed.  It is basically experimental, on us!  Wherever you stand on the issue of vaccinations, it is undeniable that we are injecting our bodies and those of our children with chemicals and synthetics.  It makes common sense to me and my home grown Midwestern roots to take a steady approach and not succumb to scare tactics of the media and pharmaceutical companies.  We all realize that these businesses desire high ratings and lots of money respectively.  So why do we let it strike such fear in us?  Probably because we are a nation that lives in fear, is guided by fear and has gotten pretty comfortable with that way of life.  We stick with what we know.  I would rather rely on my intuition and what I know to be true.

Joe Scarborough interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the topic of vaccines in the following video and then I will share my tips for avoiding the scary swine flu:)

My suggestions of preparation for a possible swine flu outbreak and any other type illness this fall are as follows:

  • Adhere to the timeless rule of washing your hands with good old basic soap before and after meals, interactions with animals and nature, trips to public places and always upon returning to your home from anywhere.  Its pretty simple!  In a pinch, it helps to have a small bottle of sanitizer but do not rely on that stuff.  It should only be used in real pinches:)
  • Feed yourself, your family and friends with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and their juices.  This is the most potent, safe, natural and effective form of antioxidant and immunity building available.  You can take vitamins but they are, in my opinion, not as effective because your body does not absorb and digest them as well as the real deal.
  • Exercise regularly.  Just move your body in whatever form feeds your energy and spirit.  But if your feelings of well being begin to degrade take a rest and drink gentle liquids like carrot or apple juice and low sodium vegetable broth (preferably homemade) to restore your immunity.
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin.  Give yourself time to reflect and restore your balance as a human.  Your body has amazing abilities to prevent illness and heal itself.  Listen to what it is telling you!  If that sounds foreign to you, then you need these methods more than ever.  Slow down and really LIVE!

Whatever you do:  do what you feel is right.  Do not make choices out of fear or a rushed sensation of anxiety.  Stop and examine the facts for yourself and let your intuition shed light them.

Love and light,



Cruelty Free and Green Cosmetics August 25, 2009

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I rarely promote beauty products and do not ever wish to promote the idea that we are anything less than beautiful and amazing in our own design.  But I am still a girl and enjoy occasional beauty products as long as they adhere to a pretty tall order of requirements:

  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • No animal testing whatsoever
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Vegetarian/Vegan

I learned about through another website which I occasionally write a guest blog for:  They are a socially and ethically responsible website for beauty products.  They carefully edit their product choices, list all of the ingredients and offer a great sample program.  One of the brands that they offer is Trilogy.  It meets my criteria for a beauty product and Focus Organic is running a promotional contest that offers free Trilogy products.  Click here if you would like to check out the contest.  It is fairly easy to enter and expires September 5th, 2009!

Love and light,



Electromagnetic Danger

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There is a danger out there that many of us rarely consider when talking about environmental hazards brought about by man.  I had heard stories and read a few articles about the dangers but did not realize the seriousness until my interview with Charlotte Gerson.  She takes this threat very seriously.  Keep in mind that she is far from a quack.  She is steeped in medical research and has a strong network of affiliations with study, old and new, that transcends the binds of modern medicinal control.  She walks the walk and it is a road less traveled but it is a worthwhile detour.

She discusses the dangers in her book The Healing Way and calls the problem an “electromagnetic smog.”  We all have an energy field surrounding us, which used to function properly and undisturbed.  In modern times, the frequent use of electronics in our homes and cell phones is a very real concern.  Officials have yet to acknowledge any health threats but if I have learned nothing else of value in the past few years, the most important is that one cannot fully trust official organizations and their corporate interests.  Charlotte’s research says, “Robert O. Becker, MD, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, called the proliferation of electromagnetic fields ‘the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment.”  You can read a very interesting interview with him: click here.  She recommends using the precautionary principle, “If in doubt, don’t,” and suggests cutting cell phone usage to a minimum.  As with all of our electric devices, it should be turned off when not in use and not be kept on one’s body.  She recommends also using a hands free device for communications with these phones to keep them as far from your body, your head in particular.

The limitations that we need to impose on ourselves are beneficial two-fold:  we take precautions for our own health and we also reduce our carbon footprint on the earth by keeping our energy use down.  We cannot rely on our government or modern medicine to protect us.  We have to become an advocate for ourselves, our families and friends, our communities and our earth!  There is a large and growing population of citizens speaking out against the dangers of the issues I discuss in this blog.  There is a lot of information out there and it is our responsibility to learn what we can.  It can be a little unnerving due to conflicting studies and such but I recommend that you follow your instincts, not your fears.  These issues are nothing to become fearful of to the point of inaction or radical behavior.  They are serious  issues that take a consistent concern, networking and support.

I long ago eliminated the use of a microwave in our home and I will elaborate on my reasons why in a post to come.  I also do my best to use as little electricity as possible and get outside.  The more we stay in our homes in an electrical soup the more our electromagnetic fields are disturbed and our systems do not function as well.  Obviously, most of us are not going to eliminate electromagnetic exposure completely and that is not what I am suggesting.  I am suggesting that we step back and take an honest look at what we think of all the stuff in our homes.  Living is supposed to be done outside.  Our homes are our shelter when we need it, not a cave to cloister ourselves in and become electromagnetic mutants in!  Just try to live a bit more free of devices and gadgets.  Get outside and use your arms, legs, heart and lungs to experience life.  Take deep breaths and just be.  Get your brain and body used to doing this again.  Let go of thought and live without fears or expectations and the worthy thoughts will come.  Let your intuition speak and be ready to listen.  There are too many greedy people out there hoping that you won’t.

One really great resource for this information is a website called  They have been around for some 25 years and used to be a publication but have moved onto the internet now.  I find them to be an incredible resource and it is free.  If you find their information useful and want to support them, you can donate if you wish.  This is how they support their entity in place of the subscription fees they used to require.

Love and light,



Twisted Industries. August 24, 2009

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I am sure we are not far behind in similar quests as the Russians and their project to genetically modify goats into producing human milk.  WHAT?  Here is the link:

Read it for yourself.  All of the genetic altering of things is really screwed up.  Of course, animals always end up being the sacrifice we make to “advance” in scientific studies.  I would bet that if Harvard conducted a study, which only occurs via computer now because they are so much more accurate at simulation then animal testing, it would show that this venture is futile.  It just makes me mad that animals have to be the butt of this horrible tendency people have of exploiting them.  It is humiliating and I am often embarrassed of my own species and its folly.  I can only hope to be a voice in a sea of harm and to encourage others in joining me in the healing.

In regards to what is going on in our own nation, we can make a difference by making educated purchases.  Look for labels that certify your products non GMO and donate some money to assist the watchdog organizations that are trying to protect us.  One such company is Non GMO Project.  Click their name to find out more!

Keeping it natural with love and light,



Environmental Cancer Prevention August 23, 2009

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Now it is time for me to move onto the environment, another HUGE factor in the development of cancer in people.  This is not to say that they environment is this big, bad and ugly monster that is out to destroy us.  Some industries might have us believe that so they can continue using the earth as resource and giving nothing back.  Its as if we are the abusive one in a very bad relationship.  We take and take and take and rarely give anything back.  Selfish interests and greed are dominating the way we live and we follow like happy and fat little babies who are being given all the candy they can stuff into their mouths.  But are we really happy?

Considering the rise in depression and sickness, with cancer and heart disease being out of control along with many other degenerative diseases and allergies, I have to ask:  are we fat and happy or are we desperate for something better.  If we are the latter, then it is high time we give respect to the earth, including the animals and plants that live on it with us.  What happened to the truth of living with synergy?  Is there any chance of balancing the equation again?  Whether there is or is not we have to do it.  There is no trying.  We have to do it.  Not just for ourselves but if that is your only motivation then I guess that will work.  Just do something.  Do not sit back and let yourself and the ones you love get sicker.  If you ever go to bat for anything in your life, this is the big league here.  Get motivated and learn.  Then do.  It is a challenge but what choice do we have?

Food is, of course, the ultimate portal to healing and prevention.  It is very important to eat organic.  Unfortunately, mass produce is so chemically treated, toxic and depleted of nutrition that it is a waste of your time.  Do not bother with all the packaged products, especially all of the soy and fake meat or cheese products.  Its junk.  Organic fruits and vegetables, preferably stuff you grow yourself or purchase from a non GMO certified company is the foundation for human and planetary health.  Support your local organic farmers, they need it.

The products we buy for our bodies are also very important.  First of all, we do not need all that stuff.  When you feed your body right and move it around a little bit your skin and hair glow.  Your fingernails take on a beautiful light pink color that Revlon could not match.  You do not accumulate excess weight so all the diet junk becomes a distant, and even embarrassing, memory.  All the moisturizing, primping and spraying is a waste of your time and your life.  Cut as much of this stuff out as you can.  If you need to keep a couple of things go ahead, once you begin to detox all the other junk out of your body it will recognize all of it as the junk it is and then let you know when you need to let go of it all.  There are some nice options for holistic and natural products but still keep it minimal, you do not need it when you are living clean and beautifully!  Then, all of the waste products and oil required for all the shipping and manufacturing of these things reduces.  You are healing yourself and the earth.  You will feel so good that you will probably want to go hug a tree!  Ha ha.  But you will feel good and you’ll start thinking more about the things you can do to be a better steward for the earth and its creatures.  We scratch each others backs, you know.

I will not go into all of the things one can do to reduce their carbon footprint.  I discuss those things in other posts and they are all here on my site, in the archives, and I still write more specific blogs about several topics concerning sustainability as a contemporary lifestyle.  I am also now a co-author at the website and you can find original articles there that you will not find here in my blog!  Just keep it simple for now and work on yourself.  Think about your environment a little bit more.  As the title of this blog suggests, keep your halo spinning and glowing with an abundance of methods that support each other.  It will only get brighter and brighter.

Try a little visualization.  Imagine a halo over your head.  What does yours look like right now?  Is it dim?  Maybe a little droopy?  Average?  Now sit up straight, pull your shoulders back and lift your chin.  Imagine it growing and glowing brighter and think about what it would take to sustain that.  Try to think of this visual during your daily activities.  Especially before bed, focus on your halo and let your mind just go.  The good ideas and inspirations will come and the things you need to release will present themselves.  Then you can let them go.

I leave you today with a Buddhist parable:  Releasing the Cows

Releasing the Cows
(Told by Master Thich Nhat Hanh)

One day the Buddha was sitting in the woods with thirty or forty monks. They had an excellent lunch and they were enjoying the company of each other. There was a farmer passing by and the farmer was very unhappy. He asked the Buddha and the monks whether they had seen his cows passing by. The Buddha said they had not seen any cows passing by.

The farmer said, “Monks, I’m so unhappy. I have twelve cows and I don’t know why they all ran away. I have also a few acres of a sesame seed plantation and the insects have eaten up everything. I suffer so much I think I am going to kill myself.

The Buddha said, “My friend, we have not seen any cows passing by here. You might like to look for them in the other direction.”

So the farmer thanked him and ran away, and the Buddha turned to his monks and said, “My dear friends, you are the happiest people in the world. You don’t have any cows to lose. If you have too many cows to take care of, you will be very busy.

“That is why, in order to be happy, you have to learn the art of cow releasing (laughter). You release the cows one by one. In the beginning you thought that those cows were essential to your happiness, and you tried to get more and more cows. But now you realize that cows are not really conditions for your happiness; they constitute an obstacle for your happiness. That is why you are determined to release your cows.”


With Love, light and freedom of cows:),



We’re the Chipmunks August 22, 2009

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I found myself looking at my children and wondering, “What should we do now?”  This is a question that many a mother asks herself now and then.  Its like you have writer’s block and cannot coax one more creative thought out of your head.  They look at you with a look like, “Come on, Mommy…you are the best.  What’s next?”  Only a little bit of pressure there, right?

So on this particular occasion I figured we needed a change.  Since moving to the island, we rarely use the car for anything and while we are very grateful for that sometimes it is just nice to go for a drive.  I tucked them into their car seats and looked through my childrens’ CDs.  We settled on Alvin and the Chipmunks: Undeniable.  It has some really cute cover songs like 3 Little Birds, All the Small Things and Acceptance.  You can also rock to Livin’ on a Prayer, Shake Your Groove Thing and Undeniable.  One of my personal favorites is the cover of Don’t Stop Believin’ from Journey…its a flash back with a childish and silly twist.

We took off down the Strand and the California sun was blazing.  We were rocking to the music and I could not help but smile: like really, really wide.  I thought about how funny it would be if this were just me, without my kids.  I probably would not have done that.  My children bring such a pure and quickly oscillating energy to my life that I am so grateful for.  Sure it can be frustrating at times but it is a gift, one that I am truly grateful for.  So we were intoxicated with Chipmunk fun for about 15-20 minutes.  The ocean was calm and the breeze was blowing through the windows as we cruised along the Strand.  This was a memorable time and I suggest you all find these moments as often as you can.  Its the gift that comes with life, this purely creative and joyful opportunity that presents itself now and then.  Don’t miss it because you are so caught up the daily grind.  Pay attention and be aware of the energy when it picks you up in its swell…live it out!

Love and light,