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Gratitude July 27, 2009

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Today, I had a first.

I had a my very first moment of spontaneous gratitude. I have tried over the years to connect with God. I have tried to be a good Christian, a good citizen, a good wife, a good mother, a good person and so on.

I did not know what it meant to just really give yourself up to creation. The past year has been a watershed of growth and connection for me. I have been easing into a true state of curiosity and openness to spirituality and God. It has not been easy, as it should not be, but it has enriched my life and multiplied as I move along.

Today, I was open and my heart was filled…completely spontaneously. I asked. I prayed for this. It did not come to me all of the sudden but there were signs and subtle messages. I now KNOW that I will continue to receive this love if I stay the course. My heart was filled with gratitude today and I give thanks. I share this with you because I simply do not know what else to do but follow my heart. That is what it says to do.

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To all of you, with grateful love and light,


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