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Laurie Berkner July 18, 2009

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This post is completely self indulgent, I know. But every now and then a girl has to take advantage of the platform. My children and I LOVE Laurie Berkner. Her music and rhymes speak straight the hearts of children but are catchy, quirky and respectful enough to get Moms hooked too! It is wholesome and good fun.

For all of my San Diego friends and readers, pay close attention! All you have to do is request that her band visit your town and a tally is kept of attendance requests. If your city merits a concert, it will get one! Here is the link to check it out:

Demand Laurie Berkner Band in San Diego!
Laurie Berkner Band in San Diego - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all San Diego events on Eventful

Of course, if you live somewhere else and would like for her to visit your town and put on a show for your little humans just put in your zip!

I have never seen her live but we have so much fun with her music and videos at home. I can only imagine how great one of these shows would be.

Love and light,