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Dairy What? Got What? July 16, 2009

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I am so tired of seeing Got Milk? ads! Every time I see an athlete pose in the name of the dairy industry I get increasingly agitated. There is this misconception that to be a successful athlete consuming low fat dairy is a must and why do you think that is? One of the top offenders of this perpetuation is this very successful and profitable line of milk and dairy ads.

If you are made sick, disturbed by or maybe even just laugh at the tobacco industry’s ruthless seduction of consumers than you should be able to see how slick the dairy industry is. This is another topic that I plan to elaborate on, the nutritional value of dairy versus other foods in my future posts and newsletters. For now, just think. There is a strong resemblance, huh?

What put me over the edge was an ad with Dara Torres. Dairy Torres? Yuck! What? This is not my effort to take anything away from a successful female athlete. She has earned all of her accomplishments and I admire her for that. I just do not like my admiration to be exploited. Why did she do it? Well, she probably consumes a fair amount of dairy. Is that the reason she is a super athlete? NO!!!!!!!!

If you are curious to know if someone can be a super athlete without consuming dairy or animal products period, stand by. I will show you. But let’s just stay with this for a moment. This is a prime example of marketing gone bad and the selfish tunnel vision that even Olympic athletes fall prey to when they spend too much time parlaying their name, their brand, into $$$$$$$$$$.

Do not let yourself be fooled. Do not succumb. Do not lay down and let marketers decide how you fuel your body or those of your family. It is a shame and I can say that even though I am not a super athlete, I have been a very active woman for many years and know that it is NOT necessary to eat dairy.

If you question this or are just curious, please check out this website.

You will surely read about Brendan Brazier, a phenomenon as an athlete and also an inspirational person in his efforts to stand up for ethical and healthy eating. He focuses on the energy in fruits, vegetables and grains as being the cornerstone to an athlete’s training and lifestyle. I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush…

I have girl and boy crushes but I have to say that, with all respect, my crush on Dara Torres is dead. I no longer have a fascination with her but hope the best for her. She has a lot of time to learn and improve, just like the rest of us, and she deserves to experience it all on her own curve.

I will leave you all with a link to Epicurious. It is another mention from her website and if you scroll down, you will see my comment as well as some other peoples’, even though I was a little slow in responding. I was happy to see that this sophisticated foodie website had a good dose of educated and passionate viewers that took the time to keep it real! There is a whole and superior level of energy food out there and it is sad to see that we have lost touch with it. Eat your fruits and vegetables, people!

Be sure to tune in every week during the month of August, as I will be presenting my Summer Cancer Prevention series of articles, including an Interview with Charlotte Gerson, daughter and protege of renowned cancer healer Max Gerson, MD!

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