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Locavores July 2, 2009

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I have been craving the opportunity to live in a community that I could really be a part of, while having as little impact on the environment as possible. Paying attention to my carbon footprint has become something that I focus on regularly and I’m always trying to learn new ways to reduce it. Our move to Coronado had a lot to do with that desire and I am now reaping the benefits along with the environment.

The farmer’s market is incredible! But I am also trying to grow what I can on our roof top deck. My first attempt is with Heirloom tomatoes. I bought a started Cherokee Purple Heirloom plant at the farmer’s market and have it soaking up the sun on my deck with some cherry tomatoes as well. These purples taste soooo good! It is heaven in a tomato. Now, I am no master gardener but I do alright. However, we could all learn a little bit about tomato growing from Ray Newstead. He has developed a new method for growing that he is NOT manufacturing or selling. You can download a free PDF instruction set and all he asks is that you make a voluntary donation, if you can, to Feed the Children and then you can build this system easily by yourself. He calls it The Earth Trainer and you can bet I will be trying my hand at it!

The more you can buy locally grown foods and grow your own, the more good your are doing with every bite. And your taste buds will thank you! You cannot get this flavor at the grocery store.

Not everyone is sold on the whole Locavore attitude. Joe Windish writes about it in a very short article for The Moderate Voice. Read it if you would like: I happen to agree with “Green Dream’s” comment after the article. If one wants to make efforts at eating local and homegrown foods they have to start somewhere and I give Windish props for trying something but it a was feeble and he should really keep educating himself and trying new things. It is only when you make a serious effort and allow yourself to fail sometimes that you build the momentum necessary to make real change happen. I hope he did not give up after the ice cream debacle.

If you do not grow anything yourself, give it a try! Start with something easy that you know you will eat. Maybe an herb pot, a lemon tree or even some rhubarb (which is absurdly easy to grow.) Talk to some elders in your community and ask them to share some of their wisdom they have held onto from times when people ate seasonally and from their backyard. You might be surprised! I canned pickles for the first time recently and found it to be a simple way to take advantage of local produce and keep it for the more meager winter months.

I will be making some heirloom tomato salsa for the 4th of July and can hardly wait to “Wow” our guests with the flavor difference! Have a wonderful holiday and try to make a difference in your own special way.

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