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Home Office June 30, 2009

Filed under: Inspirations — Simple Jess @ 11:00 pm

I have been spending a good deal of time putting together my office and decorating it with all of my old stuff in a new way. Its turning out really charming and inspirational for my writing. I have a view of some beautiful palm trees, including a massive one in our front yard, which sway in the ocean breeze and create a simple calm around me. If I choose, I can walk out onto the rooftop deck and look out over my new neighborhood.

I watch the many beach cruisers that pass our house day and night. Or I sometimes catch a good tennis match at the local courts. We have not gone over to play yet because I cut my finger while moving things and it is still hurting and healing but we plan to stroll the boys over so they can watch us play and we can get some of our moving frustrations worked out. I remember on an episode of Sex and the City, Charlotte asserts that her father taught her every problem could be worked out with a good tennis match and I believe there is a bit of truth to that.

I find that when I have an issue with someone or something I navigate the ins and outs much easier with a bit of exercise. My aggression is let out, my confidence emerges and I let go of a lot of the negativity associated with the dilemma. It clears my head and prepares me to tackle anything. My creativity is also fostered when I exercise. I often come up with unique and creative ideas during a run when my mind is fluid and free of distractions.

This is the feeling that I am trying to create in my office while making it feel cozy and comfortable. Its been one of the more enjoyable areas of our new home to handle. I hope to come up with some writing that is worth reading!