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A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. – Chinese Proverb

Home Office June 30, 2009

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I have been spending a good deal of time putting together my office and decorating it with all of my old stuff in a new way. Its turning out really charming and inspirational for my writing. I have a view of some beautiful palm trees, including a massive one in our front yard, which sway in the ocean breeze and create a simple calm around me. If I choose, I can walk out onto the rooftop deck and look out over my new neighborhood.

I watch the many beach cruisers that pass our house day and night. Or I sometimes catch a good tennis match at the local courts. We have not gone over to play yet because I cut my finger while moving things and it is still hurting and healing but we plan to stroll the boys over so they can watch us play and we can get some of our moving frustrations worked out. I remember on an episode of Sex and the City, Charlotte asserts that her father taught her every problem could be worked out with a good tennis match and I believe there is a bit of truth to that.

I find that when I have an issue with someone or something I navigate the ins and outs much easier with a bit of exercise. My aggression is let out, my confidence emerges and I let go of a lot of the negativity associated with the dilemma. It clears my head and prepares me to tackle anything. My creativity is also fostered when I exercise. I often come up with unique and creative ideas during a run when my mind is fluid and free of distractions.

This is the feeling that I am trying to create in my office while making it feel cozy and comfortable. Its been one of the more enjoyable areas of our new home to handle. I hope to come up with some writing that is worth reading!


Baby Jogger + Coronado = Euphoria June 25, 2009

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I’m back! My skin is sun kissed, I know that I should be more careful and usually am but I have been so caught up in the beautiful charm of this island and its people that my sunscreen vigilance has taken a temporary back seat. My spirit is high.

My Baby Joggers, single and double, have gotten more use in the past week here in Coronado than they did in an entire year back in Virginia. One cannot help but want to be outdoors all of the time here! Being a confessed nature girl, I am getting my crunch on! The community blends the height of luxurious paradise, military common sense, Southern California progression and timeless patriotic spirit into a lovely slice of heavenly American pie. Most people, whether locals or tourists, are strolling around with smiles on their faces and kind greetings. It is as if everyone feels like they have stumbled upon the best secret locale in the country. Many stop to chat and speak exactly of that sentiment…”we are so fortunate, huh?”

We live a block and a half away from Spreckel’s Park, where the boys play with other island children. Mothers, grandmothers and caregivers bond with sunny smiles and a lot of laughter. The grass is like a golf course so Peter navigates it with no hesitation, its like carpet. On Sundays, there is a free concert there where everyone gathers with their blankets, snacks and wine. There are often fireworks going off somewhere, in fact we saw some for a private event at the Hotel Del from our bedroom window the first night we stayed in our house. Graham said, “More fireworks!” He is also very enamored with the firefighters who work down the street.

This spectacular village community exists just a bridge away from downtown San Diego and we can ferry downtown in minutes. We have yet to do that but we have gone each week to the ferry landing farmers market and have been noshing on fresh local avocados, strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, watermelons, kale and swiss chard! This is one of the most sustainable choices I can make, especially considering my mode of transportation (strolling the kids there and using my stroller to hold my market bags.) I have been making a conscious effort to shop local stores for our needs, even though I could drive to a big box store and have found that many stores offer a discount if you are a local. This also leads to new relationships with people and community building, sewing the seeds of sustainability. My family is on cloud nine, aside from the hectic nature of moving into a new house.

So as the Pacific Ocean lured my family back, we came and we are confident that this move was far more than a good idea. It was a calling. I have had so much inspiration for writing and do not know what I’ll be writing about next but you can bet that I’ll be writing up a sunny summer storm this year. We still have a couple more days of unpacking and moving things into their proper places but I am ready to write!

I leave you all this evening with a message of joy. Please find joy in your home, your town, your vacation spot and take some time to smell the roses…oh, I forgot to mention that there are so many rose gardens here and the blooms are HUGE! They are so big they resemble sunflowers! As the petals drop, they blow along the sidewalks in the fresh coastal breeze. We were taking an evening stroll recently and as we discovered we were walking on fallen rose petals, I said, “Wow! The streets are even strewn with rose petals for our walks!” We had a good laugh and thanked our lucky stars. Thank yours and be grateful for what you have.

Love and light,


Quick Note – Traveling with kids June 11, 2009

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I just wanted to let my readers know that I have been traveling across the nation with my kids, on our way to Coronado. It has been a great trip overall but I am ready to arrive in San Diego today:) The challenge of driving long distance with kids is present every day and I sometimes wonder if I am missing out on some secret others might know…perhaps it is that you should just fly to protect everyone’s sanity. Still, I like to think that we have all benefited from the experience of visiting our country from soup to nuts by driving. I have not had much time to write but will be writing regular posts again in a day or two! You can expect to hear a bit about traveling with kids and some of the great establishments I found along the way

So happy to be back out West and look forward to more writing!

Love and light,