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Quick note: Door to door salesmen May 22, 2009

Filed under: Quick Notes — Simple Jess @ 6:28 pm

I just had a door to door salesman try to sell me steaks at my door. In the past, I would have had to come up with a creative story to explain why I did not want to partake in his endeavor. We have all been there; I know you understand. But it got me thinking:

What if someone came to my door offering fresh veggies and fruits? A local; someone who was recognizable and sincere. Offering you a variety of produce and sustaining your community! What a difference!

So, since I do not consume meat or dairy products I had the PERFECT excuse! His first line was, “You eat steak like everyone else, right?” And I laughed, truly laughed softly and said, “Actually, no, we do not. We do not eat meat or dairy.” He shook my hand and moved on very quickly. So if you ever want a quick solution to the door salesman, this is your ticket to freedom!

All joking and camaraderie aside, it made me feel so good. Sometimes I feel a bit detached from society, even though I try really hard to blend and not offend. There are rare moments such as this that make me feel like I am really moving in the right direction in an instant gratification kind of way. Of course, I always carry my moral and ethical standards with me, day to day, moment to moment; but there is something really sweet about killing two cancers with one stone.

I do not judge or resist anyone. I really don’t. But sometimes my ego creeps in and says to me, “Wow, you are justified.” I have to decide if I want to let it have an affect or not. In this moment, I let it in. I will not let it blow my ego up but I will let it be a kind and gentle reminder that I am doing the right thing for me. I will take that man’s quick exit as a compliment and confirmation to a commitment and sacrifice I have made for what I deem to be a greater good. You never know, who knows what affect I had on him. Hopefully, it was a positive and honest impression…it felt really good and free.

I had to share this as quickly as possible because I have so much going right now and wanted to make sure that I documented it for myself and for anyone else who found it moving. Move along, my dear friends. It is worth the moments of clarity and transformation!

Love and light,