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Gimme More May 16, 2009

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Sometimes I feel like I am 40. I do not know why this is, since I have never been 40 and do not really know what it is like to be that age. Many of my friends are older than me and it just seems like I gravitate to an older attitude. I have a desire for their wisdom. My life has thrown me in many directions and maybe I just feel tired, I don’t know. I find myself drawn to the magazine More, for mature women. I’m no spring chicken, you know, I am 33. But I do not technically qualify as one of their readers. But I love reading the articles and it speaks to me more than most of the other mags that target moms, younger professionals and homemakers. More does just what it describes itself to be, it gives you more. It is a really nice blend of information and inspiration without the bull, which is something I believe most women in their 40’s and beyond demand.

Perhaps it has something to do with having just birthed two children, back to back, and being married to someone who is never home. My day to day experiences are challenging and at times I feel like I barely know myself anymore. This is a good thing, though. As scary as it can be, sometimes you just have to jump into the deep end and not worry about what type of swimmer you will be. You may find yourself backstroking for awhile because the sun in shining gently down and you want to admire it face up. You may find yourself treading water because you cannot decide on anything else to do at the moment. Or you may struggle to find your position in a sea of swimmers as you get kicked and dunked and ignored for awhile. Without knowing the outcome, you just have to jump.

I feel as though I have jumped; leaped into living without a map or comfort zone. Diving into the world without trying to control it has become cathartic for me. I see relationships getting stronger and experience an honesty that is refreshing and free. I worry much less about others think of me and it just feels great. I imagine this as the type of transformation women experience upon entering their 40’s and I yearn to infuse my 30’s with a bit of that wisdom. I know that I have not earned the 40 badge yet and know that I have a lot yet to learn. My friends and mentors who have aged well continue to inspire and challenge me. So, I pick up this magazine at the market with pride but sometimes wonder if I have found a publication of secrets not meant for the girl in her 30’s. I conclude that the wisdom of women should be shared with everyone and encourage anyone of any age to flip through that magazine, it could really surprise you.

Give me More please!

Love and light,