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A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. – Chinese Proverb

Work Out! May 6, 2009

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Yesterday was one of those yucky days. It seemed like everything was shaping up to design a square, boxing me in and challenging me at every corner. I called my sister and she was experiencing the same thing. She said, “There must be something in the air,” and I replied, “I hope so because if this is all me, I don’t know that I can own that right now!” It was a nice reminder that life is so much bigger than you and when you cannot see the forest through the trees, its okay to sometimes just surrender; to stop barreling through the constant quandary and allow the atmosphere’s inevitable current to position you; instead of resisting, trying to control it and ultimately tiring out.

I chose to let go. I went home, let go of the idea that I would get a work out in and settled into another impossibly rainy and muggy day. While the boys played, I had a rare opportunity to sit and watch Oprah. It was much needed and my last post explains why it was so meaningful. After getting the boys settled, fed, bathed, read to and encouraged for bed, I had a bowl of curried lentil soup and a few dark chocolate chipotle hazelnuts from Trader Joe’s and sat back for a night of letting go. I knew that I would muster what I needed to regain my sanity with a work out tomorrow.

Today, I made it through the rain and yuck to the gym. I worked out so hard and it felt so good. You see, working out makes me happy. I am naturally a physically active person and it is the quickest and healthiest hammer I have in my wellness toolbox to snap myself out of a funk. I don’t even have to try these days because I have been doing it so long. Its like riding a bike. Its muscle memory. I worked out so hard. My entire shirt was soaked and I looked like I had peed my pants. The advantage to being 33, having 2 children and not really caring what others think is that I have the freedom to really just do what I want. Never let them see you sweat, my tush!

I have a theory that is still under development and am very eager to it share with you all when we launch in January 2010. So I must end my explanation of that at this time. For now, I will just ramble on and hopefully reach out to you with this simple blog. The adventure that is Sustainable Halo is really a dream for both Lauren and I and we are humbly thrilled to have you along for the ride. We promise to have much more substantial and thorough information for you in the future.

So my day continues…

Peter was an angel and slept 3 hours for his nap, while Graham locked me out of the house and continues to test my patience with his terrible, yet terrific, two year’s old moxie.

Whatever it is that you find to be a strength of yours, mine is exercise and physical activity, take some time for yourself to give it your all for 2 straight hours. Give it your all, push yourself and, most importantly, try to transition from that activity into another dimension of growth; like reading a book, cooking up a great meal, meditating, watching a movie, whatever you find as a nice soft place to land. Life will often throw you a curve ball so you need to hold onto that motion and bank the energy…YOU”LL NEED IT!

Love, light and peace,