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Go green with Greensburg! May 3, 2009

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Well, well, well. Earth Day came and went. I am watching my boys play and typing away with a vase of fresh cut roses from my back yard sitting right next to the computer. The scent is so natural and beautiful, one that no perfume or manufactured fragrance can match. I have a new pic of my flower arrangement on my photo page. Graham is potty trained, whew, and still decided he wanted to free willy outside while he sweeps the dirt around with a broom. I will spare him the embarrassment of that photo! We just finished off a large batch of fresh pressed green juice and are practically glowing with energy.

So with all of the talk about going green it seems impossible that I could share with my readers a plan for doing so. Instead, I would like to inspire my readers to follow their intuition with excitement and gratitude, along with providing practical tips that are easy to follow. My inspiration today was on the Planet Green channel. They are running a marathon of Greensburg episodes to launch their new season airing this evening. The first one aired a lot of the footage gathered when the tornado first hit. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this small Kansas town’s story of devastation turned remarkable recovery, you can check it out here.

The footage was heart breaking. Hearing the stories and seeing the wreckage was bone chilling. I wanted to go grab my children and hug them; hold onto them forever and promise them that I will always be here for them. People’s lives were lost and almost everything was destroyed. This was a small town in the mid-west and they had little technology available to them in order to make sense of this tragedy and rebuild. I grew up in the mid-west, “Shout out to my Iowa peeps,” and felt like it was my town. The people looked the same, many of the families last names had that mid-western sound, they had a traditional main street like so many of the local towns in Iowa; I could not escape the emotion this brought up. I had seen episodes of this show before but never the first one that really detailed the mayhem bit by bit, story by story. It made me think about how easy it is to connect with a tragedy when you can relate to the people and the community. So often we hear stories of tragedy somewhere else in the world and do not make the connection because we have no visceral connection to the people. We really are all one big family and I wish to see more of that attitude amongst the world.

This town is truly a story of the underdog. Their rebound from the tornado is inspirational to say the least. Their attitude of gratitude is admirable. It shows us that with hardship there always lies the opportunity for amazing growth. This town is now setting the tone for a new kind of small town; a revival of small town America, and we all have the opportunity to make changes for our planet, our people and animals, along with Greensburg, without the tragic event happening in our own lives. You never know when tragedy will strike. We have no idea what is in store from the environment that we have been such reckless shepherds for and really need to step up in whatever way we can to make amends. I look forward to a new season of watching this Come Back Kid story and encourage you to find the time to check it out! Go green with Greensburg!

Here is a quick tip to reducing your carbon footprint:

Start using cloth napkins! This is so easy and stylish! I have a set that I use for my family on an every day basis and another for company. I keep my formal napkins pressed and since we do not formally entertain a whole lot I do not have to do a lot of pressing. They do come in handy, though, when my in-laws visit because my father-in-law is very particular about cloth napkins. I do not bother to press the ones for every day use, who needs that? If you are really attached to your paper towels you can start by buying ones that are made with at least 30% post recycling materials, which can be found in most grocery stores. That is a good start but once you go cloth nap, you never go back.

I will be providing a lot more information over the summer and will also be selling some products for your home, including a great alternative to paper towels for wiping up, that save you a ton of money, give you good karma and something to show off to neighbors and friends!

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