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Spring is in the air! May 1, 2009

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I spent my yesterday in the back yard with Graham and Peter. The weather was perfect and we had so much fun just goofing around. We danced to music that blared through our outdoor speakers. They are probably one of the best investments I have ever made. We listen to music outside all of the time and have really become spoiled by the convenience of it. We hunted for rocks and Graham had an entire collection in his pockets to put in his rock jar. We will take the jar with us to San Diego so he has a little bit of Virginia with him and has something creative to play with on the plane.

I took special notice of all my garden plants that are sprouting and blooming. I really cherish all of my plants and as silly as it may sound, it will be hard to say goodbye to them. Some of my Roses are in bloom along with my Clematis and so I took some photos and have included them on my photo page for those who would like to see some truly beautiful flowers. Or you can just click on the flower links that I have attached to the flower names right here.

I am strictly organic in my gardening and on days like yesterday, it not only shows but confirms my belief that you do not have to dump chemicals on your plants to make them look good. My plants seem to be boasting and bursting with joy, like they are saying, “Here you go, you take care of me and I will shine for you!” Sure, my lawn isn’t neon green and has a few wild plants growing in it but I like it that way. I feel comfortable knowing that my children can crawl, fall and explore without ingesting nasty irritants; the flora and fauna of our home are happy and untethered to the domination occurring in so many other yards.

Last year I had a BEAUTIFUL and very large praying mantis that was my perfect pest control companion. It would perch in different areas of the house and just sit with perfect poise. One day, it was hanging out on the window above my front door so I could see him from inside the house and was happy for that. I had some contractors coming to the house to do some work and I was upstairs when they arrived. They rang the bell and when I came down I was devastated to find that they had smashed him…smeared his beauty right there on my window. I said, “What did you do? Oh, no. Why did you do that?” I do not even remember their response because I felt like a member of my family had just been killed. I had followed this little one’s journey for weeks and it just hurt. They clearly thought they were doing me a favor and were a little taken aback at my reaction. Of course, they did not think anything of it and I can understand how it seems to some people like such a small and simple thing to be so affected by. I include this sad story in my post to make a point.

The smallest, simplest and seemingly minor things in life are a direct representation of the divine. I believe that the more we pay attention to the little and beautiful aspects of life, the more divine life we live. Take the time today to appreciate and be grateful for something small you may be overlooking. Then do it again tomorrow. And again the next day. Every day keep yourself in a state of gratitude, appreciation and reverence; it is ironic that this fast lane for growth is only possible by slowing down. Stop and smell the roses because today is beautiful; life is beautiful.

Please say a little prayer for our plants, squirrels, birds and insects, if you will. I hope that the next occupant of our home will cherish them as much as we do.

Love and light,


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