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Summer, summer…TIME! April 29, 2009

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It is funny how one really good friend can unleash a rolling snowball of gravity upon your experiences. We are very supportive of relationships here at Sustainable Halo, after all, it is one of the basic tenets of living a sustainable life. So it is only natural that my superhuman, sexy and very sustainable friend, Lauren, would be unconsciously picking my brain today!

I spent my young adult life living on a very small farm. Sustainability was never talked about. Struggle was the topic of the day. As a teenager, I was “encouraged” to use only four squares of toilet paper because of cost and our relic septic system. This was quite an embarrassment when having friends over and I thought that I was enduring the worst social torture a teenage girl could handle. Little did I know, seeds of sustainability were being sewn, WAY before it was cool.

I was taking a shower today, a luxury that all of you mothers out there know is TRULY a luxury. With my husband’s return, summer approaching and our move to the most lovely San Diego any day now, my house of cards (my emotions/sanity) is teetering every single day. The simple act of taking a shower was difficult enough just being a mother of two small boys, but now it is almost equivalent to a day at the spa.

So, back to my story. I was taking a shower and needed to shave. So I turned the shower off in order to lather up and take my time. It dawned on me that many people do not do this.

There are two factors that have made this a habit for me:

1. My dad used to, in addition to the toilet paper rule, make us use a shower head that had a valve shutoff, so you could stop it while you lathered.

2. In the Navy, when I was on a ship, you are a self-sufficient village. You are the fire department, the water department, the phone company…blah, blah, blah. You have to work very closely with others to keep your ship afloat and functioning properly. The worst disgrace is to rely on another ship to come help in some way… not cool and does not happen very often. One’s chain of command could not shoulder the burden of that scrutiny.

I quickly noticed that the old shut off valve that my dad jockeyed for was an old Navy standard. It was second nature to me, but the other girls on my ship thought this was a MAJOR inconvenience. Because of a small thing my dad encouraged, it was really nothing to me. So you can see how small changes that seem uncomfortable can be a beginning to a lifetime of an adaptable mindset.

So, back to my topic. It is summer and such a fitting time to support your local farmers. Most are making changes and trying to adapt to the pressures of Agri-business. But they are truly a dying breed of small business that understands sustainability at its core. Sure, some may not understand the possibilities of the elimination of animal production but in addition to the ones who do, this connection to the land, one’s community and the pride of humanity is being squashed by Conglomerate Corporations looking to improve their bottom line. These farmers might seem like they are out of touch with our modern way of life buy they are exactly what we need in response to the increasing imbalance in our ecological system. Sure some of them could use a good scrub and eye opening to the possibilities of updating their practices but they are truly a resource of wisdom that should be respected and utilized. New age farmers and people looking to educate themselves about the land upon which they live can really learn a lot from them.

Please take this summer to renew your connection with local produce. It truly is the vitality that you are missing in your life! The more you eat well, in conjunction with supporting humane and responsible practices in your community, you will truly find your spark plugs being juiced! Use your body’s chemistry in combination with your spirit. There is no feeling that compares to taking care of yourself and your community in one fell swoop. You will live better and you will sleep better, I am sure of it! If you have any questions or comments please submit them to the contact box on our About Us page!

If you have any questions about your local options, you can always use this resource: Local Harvest

If you are an iphone user, this app is indispensable: iphone

Whatever it takes, you owe it to yourself and your community to make at least some kind of effort. From the most conservative effort to the well seasoned, please take a moment to learn about an untapped resource in your life. It could save you money, improve your community involvement and give your conscious a good dose of happy pill…chemical free!

Thanks, Dad!

Love and light,


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