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Yard Sale April 26, 2009

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Wowsa! We have been throwing a yard sale in conjunction with listing items on this weekend in preparation for the big move to San Diego and we just cannot believe how silly we have been.

We usually buy things new. We had a few pieces of furniture that had been passed along to us by my sister but everything else was purchased brand spanking new. Most of it was purchased about 5 years ago, when I was in a different frame of mind. It is amazing how things can change!

If one takes a little extra time to hit the yard sales, flea markets and craigslist there is so much money to be saved. It is also such a green choice! Yard sales were Eco before Eco was cool.

It is really nice to see our stuff go to good homes and we really learned quite a lesson about how we spend our money. Making sustainable choices is all about balancing your budget, cutting costs, removing the demand for “stuff,” repurposing perfectly good materials, and really just thinking a little differently about the decisions you make in life. My transformation began with simply cutting meat and dairy out of my diet. Of course, I already had a pretty good practice of recycling and always considered myself to be a conscious person. I think most of us do. But making a decision to do something meaningful, big or small, always leads to growth as long as you allow it to happen at a pace you are okay with. Its really not about pressure but its passion to be green…responsible…in sync with your world as best you can. This does not mean you have to give up all of your attachments…just try a few:)

Every night this week, we have sat down and looked over an increasing accumulation of money from our goods and we just giggle! Then we smack our hands to remind ourselves that in the future we will try very hard to make the most responsible choices about how we spend our money.

In short, put your money where you mouth and mind are!

Love and light,


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  1. Simple Jess Says:

    Thank you so much for including us in your blog carnival. We love your website!

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  3. Simple Jess Says:

    What an honor! Thank you for including us in your carnival! It is much appreciated and we love your site:)

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  5. Simple Jess Says:

    We are grateful for our inclusion in the Eco Empress carnival! Thanks!

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