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Food Bank Spa Event April 25, 2009

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Yesterday, my husband stayed with the boys and I had a wonderful day with the girls! My very generous friend Stephanie had a beautiful charity event in her home, which is basically like a luxury hotel…it is so gorgeous. Anyway, it benefited the Food Bank, which Stephanie works tirelessly for in her spare time. Everyone was greeted at the front entrance with a big metal bucket full of wine and champagne. There were all kinds of different stations where you could have back and neck rubs, foot and ankle rubs, microdermabrasion, and even injectibles if you wanted them. I kept myself pretty busy photo journaling for her but managed to sneak in a microdermabrasion, which I have never done before. It was cool! It felt like a tiny vacuum with fine sand rubbing around on my face and it felt good, kind of like brushing your teeth.

So we are all about giving, here at Sustainable Halo, and this event was such an example of how you can give to others and have fun doing it. It was a very abundant activity. I caught up with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile and also made some new ones. I got a break from the kids which was much needed. I did something nice for my facial skin. I relaxed in the hot tub. I was in the good company of all kinds of beautiful women. And it was all for a good cause. I even jumped into the pool at the end of the night, shocking everyone and giving us all a good laugh. I had so much fun.

Stephanie is such a stylin’ girl and her husband was cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He was serving this delicious roasted red pepper soup in shot glasses, it was so neat! Afterward, some of us headed over to the Chophouse for a nightcap and I have to share with you what the chef did!

I do not eat meat or dairy products and often have to make special requests from chefs to make me something a little special. This has become such an adventurous and fun thing to do and the chefs usually enjoy it because they get to show off their creative food acumen. I told him that I like bruscetta and he took an interesting approach to making me his version. Check out my post in the Food, Food, Food! category for my description, it is totally easy to make!

Love and light,