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Eating Water Based Food April 23, 2009

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Let me start by saying that I am far from an expert on nutrition and, let me disclaim, I am not certified by anyone to dispense advice about food consumption, health or nutrition.

Okay, now, let me talk about what I think about water based foods.

The easiest way for me to explain how these types of foods work for you is rely on all of the support there is in the medical field for drinking water. Its very important right? Now, you can eat dense foods and load up on water before and after to counteract the heavy and taxing effect these foods have on your body…but that just sounds tiring doesn’t it? How many of you have wolfed down a heavy meal only to chase it down with a soda because you are so thirsty? If, instead, you eat foods with water in them already, you make an efficient choice. This way, your body gets a TRUE gauge of fullness. You don’t overeat on dense food and then sneak in liquids, which are usually unhealthy ones since water after a big meal is not very appealing but a soda seems alright. It still makes us feel more full but we go for it anyway.

If you eat water based foods you are getting water in its most organically nutrient rich availability. What does this mean for you? It just means that you need to start adding more water based foods to your meals and reducing the amount of dense foods.


Examples are: Fruits and Vegetables

Eaten raw and fresh, these foods have amazing properties! It just takes small choices to try incorporate these foods into your meals, strategically. Especially vegetables, they truly are the David to the meat and dairy industries’ Goliath! They should be the bulk of what you eat, although they should be introduced incrementally if you are not used to eating them. These foods are nutritious and have an amazing variety, you will never be bored with your meals once you make the switch. They pair perfectly with all kinds of whole grains. Now, fruit. Fruit is your guardian angel! It is there to cleanse you and give you energy; best eaten in the morning without anything else in order to scrub your digestive system and get it ready for a day of activity and later on “bulky” eating.


Examples are: Meat, dairy, nuts and grains.

This is where things get a bit more complicated. I will not go into the ethical issues of eating meat and dairy in this post but I will just say that I strongly advocate that one eliminate as much meat and dairy from their diet as possible. Ethics aside, it is dense and offers nothing to you that other foods cannot give you. Just consider it.

Nuts are a wonderful compliment to a healthy meal and their are so many ways in which you can utilize them that you may have never thought about. I will expand on my fascination with nuts in upcoming food posts. Here I will just say that they are a great source of protein and each one has its own individual properties for health. They are dense, though, and need to be used judiciously. Eat nuts. Forget about the fat…just pair them with vegetables and dried fruit as often as you can. If you pair them with grains, do it late in the day so it does not slow you down due to the digestion time needed.

Whole grains are also a dense food but are good for you. They are a good source of protein and various vitamins and minerals. The sprouted varieties are even better, I’ll write more about that later. I know the food pyramid suggest you eat more grains then veggies but I beg to differ, again, I am no “expert.” I have just learned a lot in my individual studies and experiments with food and nutrition. You should know by now that whole grains are the only acceptable grain and you should eat the other varieties sparingly.


Eat your fruits and veggies…I will expand on pairings and will also provide recipes now and then that I have found to be beneficial to health and really tasty. If you take your time in changing your habits and take the time to learn more about this topic you will see that the results speak for themselves.

Fruit and veg on!


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